How to change item locations on your listings~

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How to change item locations on your listings~
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This took me over 3 hours to figure out, so I hope this will help others quicker than myself.

I have just moved from one state to another. This was bad enough than I went back to work on Ebay and after listing 161 auctions I realized "OH NO! My item location did NOT change with my address change" Oh Crap! Now what do I do!

 So I proceeded to go to the help area...(no help there). I clicked on everything there was to click on. Still no help. After 3 hours, I was not only mad but flustered too! Than my son came into my office and I explained what I was trying to do. We studied over information upon information. I finally wrote to customer support.

 After I had written for help, That I so despertly needed. I had considdered taking all my listings off until I heard from Customer support. You are asking why huh? Well according to Ebay policy it is fraud to not have the correct information on not only your account but your listings. And your listings can be removed by Ebay should the information not be correct.

 So My son & I started brainstorming some more. We clicked this & that, with no luck. Than I found a tiny section on how to change location. (AFTER OVER 3 HOURS!) So we followed those directions. Here is the way to do it for anyone that may need help in this area~

 Go to your selling page~ Scroll down to item location (it is there look close or you will miss it) Click change location~ enter your Zip push Apply~ than Save~ BOOM~ Done, than all your items from there will have your new location. Now about the ones already on~ Go to EACH & EVERY Auction ~ Click REVISE ITEM~ Scroll down to item location~ And do the same as above~ It takes alot of work, but so worth it~ So 5 hours later between my son & I we figured this out~ I hope this helps you and if you have any queistions please just ask me. I would be happy to share any info I know.

Thank you for stopping in and reading this review. Have a safe and Happy Day!

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