How to buy bargain house paint. The magic of MISTINTS !

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I'm forever working on my 1928 Craftsman.  My mother, a house flipper in the 1970s, taught me about mis-tinted paint.  Most people aren't even aware of it. She always told me 'Paint hides a multitude of sins'.  And she was right.  A fresh coat of paint makes a room look and smell new.  

All paint supply stores have paint that doesn't come out the right color.  They call it 'mistints'.  They really can't reuse it so they sell it at a price just to get rid of it.  You can buy it from as low as .50 cents a gallon [if you buy a lot] or as much as $9 per gallon, a price I often find a Lowes, but if you talk to the paint guy, and tell him its too much, he'll usually knock the price down to $5 and if you buy five cans or more, and he's in a good mood, he'll go down to $3]

About 15 years ago I bought 150 gallons of mistints from Frazee paints for .10 per gallon  when I was painting a 14,000 sq ft retail store inside and out.  I had so much paint left over I sold it for $2 gallon to a contractor, he was thrilled. And so was I.

These days, I look for colors of my interest anytime I'm near a home or paint store.  I recently bought 20 gallons of exterior paint to prime and paint my house with from Sherwin Williams, the sales guy was sure to tell me it was $50 a gallon paint, yikes.  I paid $1 per gallon and they threw in about 25 mistinted quarts, which I've used as craft paint. They were just glad to be rid of their mistakes.  Of that paint, about 10 gallons of it was white which I mixed in the color myself.  I got the blue color I wanted by mixing it with previous mis-tint purchases. So I ended up with 15 gallons for the price of one retail, WOW. And the house is a beautiful color.  

You simply use your phone book, call all the paint stores in town and ask if they have mistints, and how much they sell it for.   And if there is a special if you buy over 10 gallons.

You're bound to find a color you like, if not many.  I always keep a few cans of light colors, white or dark browns or black, because you can always mix light or dark to enhance any color.  And the price is always affordable.

I will say I only buy latex or acrylic paint.  Simply because I prefer the easy clean up.  But 5 years ago when redoing the woodwork in my house I bought 5 gallons of top quality alkyd paint for $25.  It was a deal.

Don't be afraid to try miss tinted paint, you can use it for painting furniture, crafts, or your house. This summer I changed all the pots of my potted plants and gave my porch, and yard a whole new FRESH look, for pennies worth of paint.  

I've also started buying wood stain this way too. Its usually a little more expensive, $3 to $4 a quart, but its a third of retail. Great for wood crafts and refinishing old furniture.  It really cuts done on the cost for Do-It-Yourself-ers like me.

So if you didn't know, you know now.  Shop for miss tinted paint and save a more than a bundle.

Blessings, Max Rainet.

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