How to buy an alarm that is suitable for your BMW......

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This guide is dedicated to all the BMW enthusiasts.  It will give you an idea as well as things to consider when buying an alarm or keyless entry system for your BMW vehicle.

• The first thing you need to look for is the Double Lock feature as well as Onboard Computer (OBC) compatibility in any alarm or keyless entry system you choose for your BMW. 

As we all know BMW vehicles have a high security requirement than most vehicles.  BMW has security features such as the Double Lock (also known as the Deadbolt) either mechanical or electrical.  This feature will lock the doors in such a way that they cannot be opened even from the inside.  Mechanical DL is found in older model BMW's, whereas the Electrical DL is found in newer BMW's.  

Also there is the Drive Away Protection (1993), the EWS I (1994-95), the EWS II (1995), EWS III 3.2 (1996), EWS III 3.3 (1997), and the EWS III D (1999).  The purpose of the DAP and the EWS systems are used to reduce vehicle theft.  The Double Lock is the key to the DAP and the EWS.  Once the car is double locked, a signal is sent to the GM module.  This signal is then sent from the GM module to the DME module to cancel the fuel and the spark functions to the engine, resulting in a No Start.  When the vehicle doors are unlocked and using the proper key in the ignition, the engine will start. 

• Plug-in systems will save you time and you can do it yourself.

Most BMW’s 1992-on are pre-wired for a security system.  Usually, there is a sticker inside the trunk which indicates if your BMW is pre-wired for a security system. Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the alarm port will be located in the following areas, behind the glove box, under the rear seat, or other location.

Plug-in systems are easy to install and comes complete with everything you need to do it yourself.  Here is what you will be expected to do when installing a plug-in alarm in your BMW:

1. Remove the glove box – this is the hardest part.
2. Plug the harness into the alarm port as per the manual included.
3. Drill one of the free tabs on your dashboard or center console to mount the LED.  You can also use the existing LED if available.
4. Plug in the LED and the sensor(s) into the alarm box.
5. Connect the siren under the hood using the pre-wired plug there.  Or you can use the existing siren if available.
6. Check to make sure all wires are intact and if the system is working properly.
7. Re-install the glove box.


• Other Accessory Features to look for:

1. Comfort Locking – you can control your windows, sunroof or convertible top by remote.  To find out if your BMW has the comfort locking feature, leave a window open, close the door, and turn the key to the lock position from the outside of the driver’s door. If the windows roll up, then your Bimmer has this feature.
2. Second Sensor Plug – you can have a second or third sensor connected to your alarm system such as motion, ultrasonic, glass, shock/tilt, etc….
3. At least one Auxiliary Output – this can be used to add a remote start unit, trunk release unit, window roll up, etc…..

• Factory Alarms vs Aftermarket Alarms:

The factory alarm uses an old technology with limited options, whereas aftermarket alarms are up to date with better technology, safer, and with more features.
From the safety point, the factory alarm uses a single circuit for the connections.  That means, if a light is out, then the siren will not work.  In aftermarket systems such as (United Auto Security), all circuits are isolated therefore if a light is out, the siren will still work. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

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