How to buy Authentic D&G Dolce&Gabbana Jeans guide

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Welcome to the how to buy authentic Dolce&Gabbana jeans and shorts guide, and how you can spot fakes. I hope you will find this guide very helpful and it will help you from being scammed into buying counterfeit clothing. There is nothing worst than spending your hard earned money, on something what you believe is to be real, but it is not...

This review will show you things you need to look out for, and what to expect.

Please, Please... do not e-mail me with authenticity questions.


Tip 01: Always look for sellers who put the title "Authentic" in their auctions, people who are selling on ebay and are selling Authentic products, are proud of what they sell, and they want people to know that it is Authentic. However, just because it states "Authentic", does not mean it is.

Tip 02: Always, always... Look at all the images, if a seller does not post a lot of images of a pair of jeans, or shorts, it might be because they have something to hide, and do not what people to know... Why else would you not show every detail of the clothing? You can consider emailing the seller and make sure the images they send you are of the exact same item, colour, style, etc...

Tip 03: Always check the quality, remember if you are buying Authentic Dolce&Gabbana Jeans, these styles cost anywhere from $250 up to over a $1000 USD... These are expensive jeans, and are made of the highest quality, finest materials, made to last and are very durable.. Note: Do you really think a $500 pair of jeans or shorts would have loose threads and cheaply made buttons that would fall apart after one or two washes?

Tip 04: Always, make sure all buttons, zippers, are stamped with D&G, all Authentic D&G jeans and shorts have D&G or Dolce&Gabbana stamped on the zipper, or buttons which located on the pockets and on the front... If a button is not labeled Dolce&Gabbana on the outside and inside the jeans, they are fake. It is easy to tell the fakes, because the fakes will be blank on the inside.

Tip 05: Always go with your gut instinct, if you have any doubt, then move on to the next. It's your money, always check feedback from sellers, if you read fakes, move on to another seller. If you sell people who sell many of the exact same item, chances are, they are fake. Most sellers only sell one of each style at a time, remember D&G jeans are high end, and are limited... These are the type of jeans your going to see everyone selling the exact same pair...

Tip 06: If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is, if you see $425 USD D&G Jeans with a "buy it now" for under $50, 99.99% of the time they are fake. No business can sell $400+ dollar jeans for 50 bucks, it is not possible!

Tip 07: How much should they cost? Typically, most people who will sell Brand new authentic D&G jeans and shorts may charge $120-$150 or more for a pair which might cost $300-$400, though this always depends...

Tip 08: I bought fakes, what should I do? you are not the only one, first you need to contact the seller and tell them that you received fake goods and will report them, see what they say, if they ignore you, it is probably because they know it... Hopefully, you paid with paypal, if so, you can file a claim on the Resolution Center page, and request a full refund from the seller. I highly recommend this, normally you will get back your money. If you bought a fake, do NOT resell it on eBay, this is illegal, and is shameful and those who sell fakes have no respect, morals, dignity or class...

These are the only two sellers that I highly recommend if you plan on purchasing Authentic D&G Jeans, I have ordered jeans, pants, suits, shorts, shirts... -- Alex is my Favourite, very trust worthing, super fast shipping, always authentic!!! -- They have beautiful clothes too, all authentic!


These images above is of authentic D&G Jeans, notice the inside of the jeans, the buttons are stamped with the italian brand name of the button, and then it says Italy under the name, also notice the high quality stitching in gold, compared to that of the one below... One is very thick and many, many layers of stitching in gold, to keep the pockets from damage. After all, pockets are used for money, mobile phones, and are used a lot.... so they need to be designed very well!

How to spot a fake, look at the quality above, it isn't as good, and the inside buttons are not stamped, they are completely flat, with no Dolce&Gabbana seal

How to spot a fake, Once again, look above, no Dolce&Gabbana seal, the inside pocket buttons are not stamped, and they look like extremely cheap buttons, which will probably fall off after a few washes..

This image above is of authentic D&G Jeans, notice the inside of the jeans, there are many different tags, if you are buying a pair of jeans or shorts, and you do not see a tag for the size by its self, a tag stating where the item was made, along with proper ways to wash it, all authentic D&G jeans and shorts ALWAYS... have an authentic hologram, it is not a sticker, if it peels off easily, it is fake...

This image above is of authentic Dolce&Gabbana Jeans, notice the stitched tag, if it is just hanging on by two treads, it is a fake, D&G always stitches their tags in very well, as seen here, also D&G shorts and jeans come with a full tag in the inside which state the fit, hips, legs, bottom and rise. This tag is always in the bleu jeans and bleu jean shorts... Dress pants are different, but you can easily spot the real ones, as the insider band inside the pants have Dolce&Gabbana written all over them, and many times the actual lining of the dress pants has Dolce&Gabbana as part of the actual fabric.


DISCLAIMER: This page is for reference purposes only the reason I wrote it is to help stop the sales of counterfeits on the Internet and to help buyers become aware... Please note... I am NOT affiliated with D&G/Dolce&Gabbana in anyway.

ATTENTION: I can only 100% vouch for the items listed by me... I cannot endorsement any other seller.

Please note.... All brand names & labels shown are © by the companies and their respected owners.

All rights reserved. You may only use with written permission.

You should note... it is illegal to sell, produce or mail (it is mail fraud according USPS), it damages our economy, it helps terrorism and counterfeits are produced using child labor. Also, counterfeit items can be made with hazardous materials, chemicals and are not safe to wear... as these items are made illegally...

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