How to become an antique dealer

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How to become an antique dealer
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So you want to become an antique dealer and sell on Ebay full time?  Be prepared to be as frustrated as you've ever been in your life!  It's hard, you'll lose money but as I always say -it's cheaper than Harvard!

I think the best way for a budding dealer to get started is to specialize...find something you like...fountain pens, jewelry, dolls, French china...and buy a price guide about your favorite antique..  Study it, particularly the rare & expensive items in that category.  When you feel you are well versed in the good stuff, go out to auctions, flea markets, yard sales, antique shops, junk shops, antique shows etc and try to find something good in your category, UNDER THE MONEY.

That's the trick, especially in the age of Ebay - the Price Guides are generally outmoded in terms of price-Ebay has changed the accepted price of things and their relative rarity  - you'll have to develop an innate sense of the unusual in any category.

Yes, you'll make mistakes and lose money - take your lumps and keep buying.  Eventually, after the frustration eases a bit, you'll find something good, make money and your confidence will soar.  Remember, if you like it, someone else probably will to.

You can then branch out, get more prices guides and buy & sell more categories......eventually you'll be wealthy.  lol well, we can only hope, right?

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