How to Write a Script

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This guide is on how to write a film script. First, choose what kind of a story you want. Remember that this will become a movie most likely so try to envision how it would look like in a movie. Second, start writing on a computer. Third, get a producer to make your script into a movie. Tips: 1. Remember that each page on a script is about 1 minute in a movie, so if you want a 2 hour 15 minute movie write AROUND about 135 pages more or less depending on how descriptive you are. 2. Be descriptive. You are the writer. Some directors don't let the screenwriter on the set so be descriptive so the actors and director won't be confused. 3. Don't write a particular brand on the script. The executive producers are in charge of budgets and things like that. Sometimes, a company may pay the producer to have their company or brand mentioned or shown on the screen in the movie. That is pretty much how to write a script.

Example of a script. NOTICE: This is a completly random writing of mine to give an example of a script.




This is insane John. You're gonna get us killed.



No I won't. Trust me, this is going to work.


JOHN takes a handgun and shoots a stick of dynamite a hundred feet away.

This guide is to help you WRITE a script, not to sell it! It is advised that you still look up some books on scriptwriting.

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