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How to Use a Pendulum - Fun Exercises, and more!

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Pendulum Power!

How to Use a Pendulum - Including how do they work, geting yourself (and it) ready - programming it and some fun exercises.

First of all, how do they work?
There are several theories, but the one that is most prevalent might be that pendulums work through your subconscious or ‘superconscious’, and use your autonomic nervous system and micro muscle movements to move the pendulum. You don’t feel like you are making the pendulum move, but you are physically holding it and making it move without your conscious involvement. In fact it’s worthless as a tool if you try to make it move. Tiny muscle movements in your hands and wrists control the movements of the pendulum. You ask the question and the information is filtered through your subconscious brain, and the muscles move minutely, which makes the pendulum move.  

Where do the answers come from?
That’s harder to answer. There are lots of theories, ranging from the High Self, Spiritual Guides, the collective unconscious, the earth, another person, using telepathy, etc. etc. No one really knows. When we come right down to it, we don’t know that much about our brains or the Universe.  What we do know is that for some people, pendulums and other dowsing tools are incredibly accurate. If the answer you get is useful and accurate, then a pendulum is going to be a useful tool for you. If you aren’t getting accurate answers then maybe it’s not the tool for you at this time. Put it down and try another time.

Detachment. Pendulums will only work well if you know how to detach your fears and desires from the answer or outcome. This takes practice, and in some cases, patience - but it can be done, at least with many questions and situations. If you have a strong desire for something to be true - or not to be true - or a strong fear about it, then a pendulum is likely not going to work for you regarding that particular issue.
Remember: Fear and Desire interfere with your clarity!

So start out by asking questions that you can verify and that you don’t have a strong attachment to what the answer is.

Now I’ll share one of the traditional methods for using a pendulum, and I'll begin by sharing some methods to clear yourself, from a spiritual perspective or taking into account subtle energies and spirits.

First, Ground yourself and clear your mind.
I like to prepare for by taking a minute or two beforehand to start relaxing a bit and opening to whatever degree is appropriate and natural at this time. I begin to do this by pretending or imagining that I have tree roots coming out of the base of my spine, and going down into the ground, connecting me to the earth. I feel the weight of my body in the chair I am sitting in and I allow myself to settle into the chair and relax.

Then I bring thoughts of someone or something that I love into my mind and into my heart.  I imagine that someone (or something) that I love is right in front of me and that I am giving them a hug, drawing them close to my heart.

NOTE: You need to pick someone or something that you have a basically simple relationship with…Some one or some thing that you have very FEW issues with! It could be a dog, a cat or a child…someone or something that when you think about them, you feel yourself naturally start to smile.

Now, take a deep breath and “breath in the hug” and the love that you feel for this someone or something. Pretend or imagine that this Love is a warm, bright golden colored Light. It is warm and comfortable, like a towel freshly out of the dryer.
Take a few deep breaths of this warm, golden, loving Light and just allow your heart and mind to open, to whatever degree is appropriate and natural for you, at this time. No need to force it; just allow it.  

This is very simple to do there are also sound physiological reasons why this works and starts to change your brain chemistry.   

After you have done this, sit quietly for a few moments. Then set a boundary.  Ask the Higher Power for protection from any negative or stray energies. State that you are only open to the Highest Energies, the energy that is meant to assist you in your life path. Any and all other energies are not allowed in your personal space. Ask for the help of your Guides, the Masters and Angels and the wisdom from the pendulum and its allies.

After you have done this, then you can program your pendulum.

How do I program my Pendulum?

There are all kinds of programs you can try, and lots of books about it, but we’ll stick to the basics, which will suffice for almost any question or situation.

First you have to establish four basic ways the pendulum can answer you: “Yes,” “No,” “I don’t know,” and “I can’t say.”

Yes I often shown as the pendulum moving in a clockwise circle. To program it, you are going to show it  (and your own subconscious) what Yes means. Hold the pendulum at a length of about 5-6 inches. Many beginners make the mistake of holding it too far up the chain or string. I find that ‘choking up’ on it can be helpful.

Deliberately swing that pendulum and make it go in a clock wise circle (to the right). Do this for about 15-20 seconds, all of the while saying to yourself and it, “This is Yes.” “Yes, yes, yes.”

 Stop the pendulum.

Now do the same thing, only make it go counter clockwise, (to the left) all of the time saying to yourself and it “This is No.” “No, no no.”  Repeat for about 15-20 seconds.

Stop the pendulum.

Now you will show it and yourself “I don’t know.”

Make the pendulum swing back and forth, in a straight line, forward and away from you, repeating the words “I don’t know.”
Stop the pendulum again.

Now you will show it and yourself what “I can’t say” looks like.  Make the pendulum swing from right to left, crossing from side to side, in front of you. Repeat the words, “I can’t say.”

Now you’ve programmed the pendulum and are ready to practice.

Practicing with the Pendulum

First see if you can make it swing to each of the programmed phrases by thinking what you want it to do. You are actually teaching your subconscious mind what the various movements mean.  Hold your pendulum still and think to yourself “yes, yes, yes” etc.  Do not try to make the pendulum move, just allow it to move. It may take awhile, so be patient!  (It took me about 45 minutes the first time. I was ready to give up when I decided to give it another minute or two and then it started to work.)

Once you get it to move as “yes” then you can go on to the other movements and practice thinking the word or phrase and letting the pendulum move in the correct way.

Some people will hold the pendulum above their finger tips to practice.  The index finger tip has energy that often naturally moves in a clockwise motion. The middle finger is counterclockwise, the ring finger clockwise and the pinky finger counterclockwise. You can get to where the pendulum changes direction when you change finger tips. If you try this, be sure that you hold the chian of string much closer then it’s above each finger. (The thumb’s energy moves along the outside edge of the thumb, rather than at the thumbs tip.)

Now that you have it programmed and are able to think yes, no, etc. and it moves correctly, you are ready for fun and simple some exercises.

Fun exercises that you can try for yourself:

COINS: Take three coins and place two of the coins on a table. Put your pendulum above them, in between the two coins. Wait a few moments, and allow the pendulum to start making a pattern between them – often it will swing back and forth or make a figure eight pattern. After you see what the pattern is, take away one of the coins and put the other coin in its place.

1. What does the pendulum do?   (answer below)

Next, put the original coin back.

2.  Now what does it do?   (answer below)


CUPS and COINS 1: Take three cups and one coin. Ask a friend to put the coin underneath one of the cups. Turn your back so that you cannot see which cup is picked. Hold the pendulum over each cup and silently ask if the coin is underneath it.

The pendulum will give a positive response over the cup the coin is in.

CUPS and COINS 2:  Ask your friend to put several coins (1-5) under a cup. Turn your back so that you can’t see.  Ask your pendulum to tell you how many are under the cup. I write a list of numbers on a piece of paper and then I point to (or think of) each number. I tell it to swing ‘yes’ when I get to the right number.

OBJECTS 1: Pick three or four objects and put them on a table. Turn your back and ask a friend to pick up and hold on of the objects for about 15-20 seconds, then replace it.

Turn around and ask your pendulum which of the objects is the one your friend held. Hold your pendulum above each object and ask it to say ‘yes’ when you are above the item.

OBJECTS 2: Do the same thing with any object in the room. Leave the room and have your friend hold an object and then put it back. Come back and start to ask your pendulum questions about the object. You can start at random, or by asking more specific questions such as: Is the object my friend held in this half of the room. It is near the sofa? Is it near the TV? etc.

When you get closer, you can ask about each object until you find the right one. (example: Is it ON the bookcase?)

CARDS: Ask the pendulum to find the red and black cards. Hold the deck and ask about the top card: start by asking ”Is the top card a red card?”  Do you get a yes, or a no?
See how many cards in the deck that you get right!
Remember to remove the Joker(s) and any advertizing type from the deck.

THE WALL: A bit harder - Leave the room and have your friend think of an imaginary wall in the room. Come back in and ask your pendulum to find the imaginary wall. Use the same techniques that you did with the object in the room.

NUMBERS: Ask your friend to think of a number from 1 to 9. Ask the pendulum what number your friend is thinking of. Start with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. Try this at least ten times and see how many you get right!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people will always seem to get a “yes” for a “no” - and visa versa. Keep a log so that you know if this is the case for you.


Now you are ready to ask the pendulum your own questions!
Have fun!


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1. It will change patterns

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