How to Use a Magic Bullet

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How to Use a Magic Bullet

In a busy society, many people struggle to find the time to cook. To create delicious meals and drinks, they face many small tasks of chopping, cutting, grinding, mixing, and blending. These little projects eat up the minutes, lengthening the preparation time for the meal. Enter the Magic Bullet, a sturdy, compact appliance, similar to a blender, that can take care of many of those time-consuming kitchen tasks. The Magic Bullet completes the job in a fraction of the time that it takes to do it by hand. Buyers can find Magic Bullets in local department stores or online through top retailers such as eBay. Once they obtain their Magic Bullet, owners must learn how to use it so that they can experiment and discover its full potential.

Understand the Parts

To correctly use a Magic Bullet, buyers must first understand its parts and components. Specifically, they need to become familiar with the Bullet Cups, the Party Mugs, the blades, the tops, and the lids. The chart below offers a brief overview of these products and pieces.

Magic Bullet Components

Different Types

Number in Standard Magic Bullet Set

Bullet cups

Short cup

Tall cup

1 Short cup, 1 Tall cup

Bullet blades

Cross Blade

Flat Blade

1 Cross blade, 1 Flat blade

Bullet tops

Shaker/steamer top with large holes

Shaker/steamer top with small holes

2 Shaker/steamer tops

Bullet lids

Standard stay-fresh, re-sealable lid

2 Bullet lids

Bullet party mugs

Standard party mug with comfort lip ring

4 Party mugs and 4 Comfort lip rings

When buyers purchase a Magic Bullet standard package, they receive a specific number of each cup type, blade, top, lid, or mug. However, if they need more of an item, they can purchase additional pieces separately from various sellers.

Bullet Cups

The Magic Bullet cups come in two sizes, short and tall. The tall cup holds 18 oz, while the smaller one has a capacity of 12 oz. Both are made of tough, durable plastic, designed to be shatter-proof when dropped. For users' convenience, the cups are also safe to use in either the microwave or the dishwasher.

The short cup works well for creating foods in smaller quantities. Some users employ it for creating party dips like guacamole or bean dip. The tall cup holds more and is ideal for smoothies and other foods.

Bullet Lids

If owners have leftovers in their Bullet cups, they can use Bullet lids to seal in the flavor and store the food. The Magic Bullet's stay-fresh, re-sealable lids work for the tall cups, the short cups, or the party mugs since all of these pieces have the same diameter across the top. Using the same container for preparation, serving, and storage saves owners time and minimizes cleanup.

Bullet Tops

If users want to steam some vegetables or other foods in the microwave, they can use one of the two tops that come with the Magic Bullet. Like the Bullet lids, the shaker/steamer tops fit onto either of the Bullet cups. The tops have holes that serve as vents for steaming or as outlets for shaking parmesan cheese or spices over food. One top has large, round holes for coarse condiments. The other is divided into two halves, with two sets of holes. One half of the top has medium holes, and the other has very small holes for shaking finely ground condiments.

Bullet Blades

To effectively chop or mix the ingredients in the Magic Bullet, users need the right blades. Each Magic Bullet should come with across blade and a flat blade. If buyers plan to purchase a used set, they should ensure that both types of blades are included.

When users blend, grate, or chop food, they need the cross blade. However, if they plan to grind coffee beans or whip cream, they must insert the flat blade instead. The flat blade and the cross blade stay sharp without any maintenance from owners. Users can simply put them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Bullet Party Mugs

Party mugs hold 16 oz each. They have convenient handles and work well for drinks such as smoothies, cocktails, and coffee drinks. Owners can preserve any leftovers using a Bullet lid. When the party mugs are in use, the colored comfort lip rings help drinkers identify their own mug.

Find Recipes

Magic Bullet also sells a book full of delightful recipes. Owners may be surprised at how many foods they can create with their Magic Bullet, including soups, pasta sauces, party dips, scrambled eggs, baby food, and chocolate mousse. Margaritas, frozen coffee drinks, pina coladas, milkshakes, and smoothies expand the options even further. In addition to the recipes that Magic Bullet supplies, users can also experiment on their own or swap recipes with others, exploring all the potential of this small yet versatile appliance.

Operating the Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet power base is compact and easy to set up. It does not require programming, calibration, or the perusal of an owner's manuals. In fact, all that users need to do is set it on the counter in their kitchen and plug it into the nearest electrical socket.

Select and Fill the Cup or Mug

Next, owners need to choose which container to use for their job. For small amounts, the short cup is sufficient. For larger quantities, they should choose the tall cup. For drinks or smoothies, the party mug is ideal. Once owners have chosen their cup or mug, they need to fill it with all the ingredients for their milkshake, sauce, dip, or drink.

Attach the Blade

The next step is attaching the blade. First, users need to figure out which blade to use. If they are consulting a Magic Bullet recipe book or using a recipe from another user, the recipe may include this information. As a general rule, the flat blade is for whipping or grinding while the cross blade is for chopping and blending. Once owners have chosen the right blade, they should hold the cup full of ingredients upright and twist on the blade until it seals tightly.

Put the Cup and Blade on the Base

Now users can turn the cup and blade over and fit it onto the Magic Bullet power base. The tabs on the base need to line up with those on the bottom of the blade. The entire unit should click into place.

Turn on the Magic Bullet

To turn on the Magic Bullet, owners simply press down on the cup. The Magic Bullet continues to run only as long as users hold the cup down. If users want the Magic Bullet to run on its own, they can twist the cup a short distance clockwise. It should lock into place for "Lock On" mode. In this mode, the machine runs until users turn it back counterclockwise and remove their hand.

Clean the Magic Bullet

After users enjoy their delicious food or drink, the last step in the process is the cleanup phase. Since all the parts of the Magic Bullet are dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is easy. However, users should remember to place the cups, lids, mugs, rings, and tops in the top rack only. The heat on the bottom rack may be too much for the items and cause them to deform. In addition, buyers should keep the dishwasher set on normal wash rather than a high-heat sanitize setting. They should never put their Magic Bullet power base in the dishwasher due to the electrical components within it. If the power base becomes dirty, users can wipe it off with some mild soap and a damp cloth. However, let it dry thoroughly before attempting to use the power base again.

Buying a Magic Bullet on eBay

eBay sellers usually have a variety of new, open-box, and used Magic Bullets available. You can find all of these options by typing "Magic Bullet" into eBay's search bar. Next, adjust your search results with eBay's search filters, which allow you to select the condition, price, shipping choices, including free shipping, and other options that relate to your purchase.

eBay's most highly rated and reliable sellers receive a Top-rated Plus seal to display on their listings. They ship within one business day of the purchase, and they may include extra items bundled along with the standard accessories for the Magic Bullet. In addition, buyers can save a search or check eBay Stores, a separate area of the website, for more listings.


Cooks are often faced with time-consuming preparation for meals. They may have to chop onions, mince some garlic, create homemade salsa, or grate cheese. The Magic Bullet can take over every one of these tasks, making cooking simpler and quicker. In addition, owners can use it to make soups and sauces. They can blend delicious smoothies and milkshakes or create margaritas and cocktails. Serving the food and saving the leftovers is easy with the Bullet shaker tops and Bullet lids.

Competitively priced and made from durable materials, the Magic Bullet should last users for years. At first, they may want to consult a Magic Bullet recipe book until they learn what their new appliance can do. Once they become comfortable with it, they can experiment with new flavors and ideas.

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