How to Use a Blackberry Playbook Tablet

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How to Use a Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Blackberry Ltd. released the Playbook tablet computer in 2011. Early devices ran the Blackberry Tablet operating system (OS) and applications developed through Adobe AIR. An update to the original Playbook OS occurred in 2012. The Playbook did not receive an upgrade to the new Blackberry 10 OS used across the rest of Blackberry product line. Buyers of the Blackberry Playbook will find a great experience because the device offers the convenience and portability of a mini tablet. There are various productivity- and entertainment-related uses for the Blackberry Playbook.



The Blackberry Playbook tablet comes with its own wall charger in the box at purchase. The charger from a Blackberry phone may not work to charge the Playbook but the Playbook's charger has the capability of charging a Blackberry phone. Buyers may purchase a Blackberry Rapid Charger, which charges the tablet up to two times faster than the standard charger, a replacement wall charger, or a car charger for their tablet.

The Playbook will turn on automatically when plugged in if the battery is still holding some level of charge. However, if the battery charge level is very low, the Playbook will not turn on automatically when plugged in. In the case of a low battery level, users must press the power button to turn the Playbook on while it is charging.


Touch Screen

The Playbook touch screen offers the same functionality as other touch screen devices. For users unfamiliar with the functions of a touch screen, there are a number of typical gestures used to access information. Sliding a finger up, down, left, or right scrolls through a list or allows movement between items. Sliding two fingers apart on the screen zooms out, while sliding the fingers together zooms in. Hold an item on the screen and slide it to a new position to move the item. The Playbook touch screen includes a swipe feature as well; swipe up from the bottom frame to show the home screen and minimize open applications or swipe from the bottom corner to access the onscreen keyboard.



The original Playbook connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, while the LTE version of the tablet connects through Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and Bluetooth. Both versions of the tablet also include a micro-USB and micro-HDMI slots for external connectivity. The Playbook LTE comes with near field communication (NFC) capability as well, which allows the tablet to connect to other devices with a touch or when in close proximity; NFC permits users to share information over air rather than through additional services such as email or email attachments, peer-to-peer networks, or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services.



The original Blackberry Playbook came equipped with a number of applications that made the tablet useful directly from the box. With the updated OS, the Playbook gained a number of new native applications such as email and a calendar along with additional functionality.


Application Category

Application Name

Social Networking


Facebook Messenger

Google Talk

Yahoo Messenger





YouTube Player


Photo Editor


Adobe Reader

Documents to Go

Opera Mini Web Browser



There were initially between 2,000 and 3,000 applications in different categories available from the application database known as Blackberry App World. There are presently more than 24,000 applications available in App World specifically built for the Playbook in addition to the many Android applications that users can port into the Playbook.



Tethering is the process of connecting the Blackberry Playbook to a smartphone or other device for the purposes of accessing the Internet. Tethering, usually through a Bluetooth-enabled device, allows the Playbook to access webpages, email, and more. Playbook software includes the option to use the Blackberry Bridge or standard Bluetooth pairing. The Bridge software provides the ability to view the smartphone calendar and other applications on the tablet. Users must verify that their data plan and wireless carrier supports tethering.


Other Considerations

Like other tablet computers, the Playbook comes with different storage options. Buyers must select from three different drive sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. All three versions of the tablet contain a 1G Hz dual-core CPU, SGX540 graphics card, 1080p 5 MP rear and 3 MP front HD video camera, and 1 GB RAM. The Playbook's 7-inch display provides 1024x600 pixel resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p HDMI output. The LTE version of the Playbook includes a 1.5 GHz processor, 32 GB Flash memory but maintains the same resolution as the original tablet.


How to Buy a Blackberry Playbook on eBay

You can find a Blackberry Playbook with 16, 32, or 64 GB storage capacity easily on eBay. Use the general search feature from any page on the site or narrow your results by using the advanced feature. If you want to combine your Playbook purchase with additional accessories like a Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, or car charger, look for sellers offering bundles. You can also choose your Playbook by selecting options like price, seller location, your own ZIP code, and more.

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