How to Use Hiren's Boot CD

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How to Use Hiren's Boot CD

Computers allow mankind to complete both simple and complex tasks efficiently, such as writing novels, communicating with someone across the globe, and helping medical staff save lives. The computer is not invincible, however: viruses, both big and small, plague the technological world. Traveling from network to network through bad downloads, spam email, and Internet sites, viruses are a threat to even the most careful computer user. Viruses can gather personal information and even delete everything from one's hard drive. Fortunately users can purchase antivirus software like Hiren's Boot CD to prevent and remove computer viruses.

How to Use Hiren's Boot CD

Hiren's Boot CD is available both digitally and as a hard copy. If the purchase is digital, users need to download the file and burn it to a blank disc. When burning the disc, it is important that users leave the speed bar at "optimal" to ensure a high-quality download.

1. Boot the Computer with Hiren's Boot CD

The first step is to boot the computer from the disc instead of the hard drive. The user needs to first shut down and then restart the computer. When the operating system screen comes on with a "Gigabyte" or "MSI" logo, the user should select the "F10" key to bring the Boot Menu to the screen. The user should see a prompt saying which F-key to select for the Boot Menu. If it is unclear which button brings up the Boot Screen, the user should tap the various F-keys for the Boot Menu repeatedly until the menu comes to the screen.

When the Boot Menu appears, it gives a list of the available hard drives, disk drives, and flash media ports from which the computer is able to start. Since the Hiren's Boot CD is now on the disc, the user should choose "Disk Drive," then press "Enter."

2. Open "MiniXP"

After the computer loads Hiren's Boot CD, the user can navigate with the arrow keys to select "Mini XP" and press "Enter," which boots an interface that looks similar to Windows XP but is really the antivirus software. Once the window loads, the user selects "Start" in the lower left of the screen, then "Programs," then "Windows Explorer." The window should open and show all the drives on both the computer and Hiren's Boot CD, which may be the X:\ drive, labeled "MiniXP." Users should locate their local disk drive for the virus removal stage later.

3. Prepare the Antivirus Software

Within Hiren's Boot CD are various programs. The first to launch is the HBCD Menu Program Launcher, which has over 100 tools to fight viruses. Once it opens, click on the "Programs" menu in the upper left, then hover over "Antivirus/Spyware" to select "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware." The next window to open is the command (CMD) window suggesting users to run it from the computer's hard drive. Ignore the error and press any key on the keyboard to close the window. Once the program's window opens, select the "Updates" tab and click on "Check for Updates," which guarantees the latest news in viruses is current. Once update, click "OK."

4. Run the Antivirus Scan and Remove Infectious Files

Next, click the "Scanner" tab and select "Perform full scan" before clicking on the "Scan" button. The program asks which drive to scan, and the user should select the local disk drive. After the scan, a screen appears with the button "Show results," where users can see all the virus-filled files. Double-check that all files have a check mark next to them, then click the "Remove Selected" button.

Once this process is complete, the user can shut down the computer, then boot it back on the hard drive. There should be no need to manually choose the hard drive, as earlier when choosing MiniXP. Users can eject the Hiren's Boot CD from the disk drive as well.

How to Buy Hiren's Boot CD

Concerned computer users can use eBay to purchase Hiren's Boot CD either as a digital download or as a CD or USB Flash Drive. eBay has a search box located on every page, where shoppers can insert keywords like "antivirus software" or " Hiren's Boot CD." Shoppers should research the reputation of each seller offering a copy of Hiren's Boot CD before making a final purchase. The primary method of checking each seller is reading the feedback left for them from previous buyers, which provides insight into the shopping experiences they had and the quality of the purchase. It is never too late to take care of one's computer, and eliminating infectious files is not as difficult as it sounds when using Hiren's Boot CD.

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