How to Use Ebay to Promote Your Website

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If you know how to use eBay to promote your website, you can get a lot of extra traffic to your site that does not normally use search engines to find what they are looking for. Before we consider that, however, let’s have a look at eBay, what it is, and how it can be used.

eBay is the most popular online auction site on the planet. Not just this planet, but also any other planet I know of. If you Google ‘eBay’, you get 380 million results from where I am. These are 380 million web pages that contain a reference to eBay. How popular is that? ‘Dogs’ only get 124 million and ‘cats’ 89 million, so eBay is 78% more popular than cats and dogs put together.

Knowing that you should be starting to think how you could use eBay to promote your site. You have to know how eBay works to figure that out. Basically, you join eBay, and either buy stuff or sell it. If you just buy it you have a buyer’s account, but if you want to sell you have to open a seller’s account that involves providing a means of receiving payment. PayPal is the most common on eBay, since it is owned by eBay, and so you should open a PayPal seller’s account.

You are allowed a limited maximum amount that can use to accept payments until you have your account verified and validated, meaning that it has a bank account attached to it and your address verified. After that, you can buy and sell to amounts limited only by the amount that your credit card or bank account will allow.

You should now choose a product to sell that is relevant to your website. If you cannot find anything then you can sell anything to start with. The objective is to become familiar with the way that eBay works for sellers and to get used to the site. During this period, you should take time to read all the advice and help that eBay gives you, and there is a lot of it.

Some people actually make money by copying eBay’s comprehensive help files, rewriting them in their own way so that it does not look exactly the same, and then regurgitate it in an eBook as a Guide to eBay and sell it for $49 or so. There is little that eBay can do unless they can prove plagiarism, but this is very difficult to do, especially if the information is accurate, but written in a different way to that eBay use.
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