How to Unlock Your Cell Phone from 3 UK (3G or Three)

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How to Unlock Your Cell Phone from 3 UK (3G or Three)

Unlocking cell phones locked to 3 UK is possible via three methods and I will tell you exactly what they are and which ones to use. The most convenient way to unlock it is certainly by entering an unlock code. Before I show you how the unlocking is done, here is some important information you should know:

Why Unlock Your Cell Phone from 3UK?

There are a number of good reasons why you should unlock your cell phone from the 3 UK network For example:

  1. Choose the provider you want, use any SIM card from any network provider in any country.
  2. No more outrageous roaming charges. When traveling simply pick the local provider of your choice and change your SIM card.
  3. Poor network coverage no longer an issue, use the network provider best suited to your region.
  4. Save money! A favorable exchange rate makes for excellent value for money when importing.
  5. Use 2 SIM cards on the same phone, sharing the same phonebook.
  6. Dramatically increase the resale value of your phone. It can now be purchased by people on any network, not just your current one.

How do I unlock?

The first method is called “unlock by IMEI”, which simply means that you enter an unlock code into your phone.

The second method is called "unlock by cable", which means you install special software on your computer and connect your cell phone to the computer with either a special unlocking cable or with the cable that came with the phone.

The third method refers to mailing/bringing it to a store, where they use special equipment to unlock it.

Which method is the best?

This depends on how convenient you would like it to be. The easiest and most convenient method is "unlock by IMEI". You simply enter the code and it's unlocked. This is also the most expensive way to unlock it. However, you don't have to mail in your phone and you can do it by yourself, without needing some special cable or software. This option is great if you are an end-user and need to unlock only one or a couple of cell phones.

If you want to unlock many 3 UK cell phones and can handle some technical stuff, I suggest using the "unlock by cable" method. It is a great way for bulk unlocking but you need the actual phone, a special cable or the cable that came with the phone, and special unlock server software. Google the following keywords and check how up to date the servers are with unlocking your desired cell phone model (if you unlock by cable, it doesn't matter to which network your phone is locked to):

Unlock Servers:
Cruiser DB2020
GOT Access
GT Server (Griffin Team Server)
KulanKendi DB2020
Total Multiserver

If you mail in your phone or bring it to a store, they will use special unlock equipment or server software. Look up stores in Yellow Pages.

Easiest method: Entering a Code to Unlock Your Phone from 3 UK

You can call 3 UK or you can buy the unlock code in the open market. Your carrier may not give you the code because they would lose money if you run off to a different network once your phone is unlocked. Some carriers give you the code for free if you have been with the carrier long enough. If you cannot get a code from your carrier, buy the code from unlock professionals in the open market.

You can search my eBay store, called unlock-cell-phones, for 3 UK unlock codes by  clicking here. .

What cell phones can be unlocked by code from 3 UK?

Here is a list of 3 UK locked cell phones. This list is constantly updated. Please send me a message if you’d like to add a model. If you click on the links, you will automatically be taken to the unlock code auction.

Updated October 2nd, 2007:

LG Cell Phones locked to 3 UK (to unlock these phones, go here):
  • U830 Chocolate
  • U890
  • Shine
  • U8360
  • U8130
  • U8120
  • U8138
Motorola Cell Phones locked to 3 UK (to unlock these phones, go here):
  • RAZR V3x
  • RAZR V3xx
  • A1000
  • A830
  • A835
  • A920
  • A925
  • E1000
  • E1070
  • C975
  • V975
Nokia Cell Phones locked to 3 UK (to unlock these phones, go  here):
  • 6151
  • 6120
  • 6288
  • E61
  • E65
  • N73
  • N73r
  • N80
  • N93
  • N95
  • 6280r
  • 6280
  • 6288
  • 6630
  • 6680
NEC Cell Phones locked to 3 UK (to unlock these phones, go here):
  • 338
  • e228
  • e313
  • e616/v
Sony Ericsson Cell Phones locked to 3 UK (to unlock these phones, go here):
  • K610i
  • K610iR
  • K800i
  • K800ir
  • W660i
  • W880i
  • Z610i
  • Z610ir
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