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How to Turn Off & On your eBay Store for your Vacation

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How to Turn Off & On your eBay Store for your Vacation
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Going on vacation?
There are several ways you can make sure your buyers don't have a negative shopping experience by buying items and unexpectedly waiting a long time to receive them.

Important stuff you should think about: (updated 8/2012)

  1. First, you must have an eBay Store.
    (you can't put on vacation your listings if you don't have an eBay store.)
  2. Second, note that auctions ARE NOT put on hold using this process.
  3. Third, you can still receive negative feedback if you don't deliver as promised in your offers
  4. Fourth, your fees continue (they are not paused)
  5. Fifth, my experience is over two-thirds of buyers DO NOT SEE THE SMALL vacation setting banner telling them when you are away to. If you are monitoring sales while traveling, I find emailing each buyer (or having an ebay email template or auto reply reminding all buyers you are away is essential to FIVE-STAR service.)
  6. Sixth, YOU MUST MANUALLY turn off vacation settings when you return to selling. 
    (It will not stop displaying automatically.)
Source:   Change you eBay Store Vacation Settings Here

Here are three options. You can use one or all of them at the same time.

Changing your Store Settings

To change these settings and turn them on:

   1.      Go to My eBay. You might be asked to sign in.
   2.      Click the Manage Your Store link in the My Subscriptions box.
   3.      On the Manage Your Store page, click the Change vacation settings link.
   4.      On the settings page, choose the vacation options you want.
   5.      Click the Turn vacation settings On button.
   6.      Click the Save Settings button.

Note: You will continue to be charged the normal fees (such as your Store subscription fee and listing-related fees) while vacation settings are on..

If your vacation settings are on, they will remain in effect until you return to the vacation settings page.

To turn off your vacation settings:

   1.      On the vacation settings page, click the Turn vacation settings Off button.
   2.      Click the Save Settings button.

Making your fixed price listings unavailable

What it does: This option hides all of your fixed price format items so buyers do not see them in your Store, in search results, in cross-promotions (where other items are promoted in your listing), or on any other eBay pages. Using this option prevents buyers from having a negative shopping experience—in particular, buying items and waiting longer than expected to receive them from you. This feature also lowers your risk of receiving negative Feedback.

Other information about this option:

    *      Only your fixed price listings will be hidden. All auction-style and other listings will continue to appear to buyers as they normally do.
    *      Buyers who have already purchased items from these listings will still be able to view them.
    *      All other characteristics of your fixed price listings will proceed normally, except they will be hidden from the view of buyers. For example, listings may expire if they aren’t scheduled to be automatically renewed or relisted.
    *      Your fixed price listings will remain hidden until you return to the vacation settings page and turn this option off.
    *      While your listing pages will become hidden almost immediately, their titles may continue to appear in searches for several minutes and in categories for up to a few hours.
    *      Watched items will continue to appear, and buyers could purchase a watched item while you're on vacation.

Displaying a vacation message in your listings

What it does: This option will place a message above the item descriptions of all of your active listings, including auction-style and regular fixed price listings (if you have not chosen to hide them from buyers).

Note: Due to eBay policy restrictions, you must use the standard vacation message provided. You’ll need to select a date by which you expect to return. You can come back to the vacation settings page to change this date if needed.

Displaying a vacation message in your Store

What it does: This option lets you place a message on your Store pages, informing buyers that you will be away on vacation. This message appears below your custom header, if you have chosen to display one, without affecting any text you have saved in that area.

Note: You can use a default vacation message that we provide or create one of your own using either text or HTML format.
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