How to Take Measurement for a Mens Dress Shirt

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How do I measure a men’s dress shirt size?
This is one of the most common questions we encounter and one that can be done quite easily. There are 2 parts to a men's dress shirt size 1) neck size and 2) sleeve length.
Tools needed:
1A) Measuring tape 50 inches or longer. Measuring tapes can be purchased on ebaY or at local stores such as craft stores or large superstores such as Wal-Mart and Target.
1B) String measuring 50 inches or longer AND inch ruler
Measuring the neck size
Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the neck. If using a string, wrap the string loosely around the neck and then place the string against a ruler to obtain the length in inches. A loose measurement is required as the dress shirt collar will choke the neck if worn too tightly. A looser measurement will ensure a comfortable fit.
The neck size should range from 14 to 22 inches. The most popular neck sizes are below
Neck Size        Standard Size Conversion
14 – 14.5         Small
15 – 15.5         Medium
16 – 16.5         Large
17 – 17.5         XL
18 – 18.5         XXL
19 – 19.5         3XL
20                    4XL
22                    6XL
Measuring the sleeve length
If using a measuring tape, start the measuring point at the back base of neck, to shoulder, to wrist. It is often best to have someone do this for you . If using a string, hold the string loosely and measure using the same points. Again, a loose measurement is necessary to ensure a proper fit. If the measurement is too short, the dress shirt cuff will not reach the wrist. If the measurement is too long, there will be excess fabric that will gather at your wrist.
The sleeve length should range from 32 to 39 inches. The most common sleeve lengths are below:
Sleeve Length Standard Size Conversion
32/33               Short
34/35               Regular
36/37               Tall
38/39               Extra Tall
Once both the neck size and sleeve length is identified, the final measurement will be to group the two sizes together. For example: 15 32/33, 16.5 34/35, 18.5 36/37, 22 38/39

Now that you've obtained your dress shirt size, please see our ebaY store and type in your size in the search field.

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