How to Take Care of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are the preferred bedding for many individuals, as they have a much higher thread count than many other types of cotton and they can provide the utmost in comfort. However, because they are of much higher quality than other types of bedding, they are also an investment - which means it is important to give them the proper care. This way, they will continue to look beautiful and feel great, even after many washings and many years' worth of use.

There are many components to ensuring that Egyptian cotton sheets get the best quality care possible, from having a proper washer and dryer, proper materials to remove stains, and a good laundry detergent and other cleaning materials.


Cleaning Supplies for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

One of the first things to keep in mind is that even with white Egyptian cotton sheets, it is preferable not to use laundry detergents that contain bleach. Bleach can be damaging to the soft fibers of Egyptian cotton and can cause them to become worn over time.

It is best, with white sheets, to choose a laundry detergent that is formulated to brighten whites without the use of bleach. There are many varieties of this available from major manufacturers. You can generally find an appropriate laundry detergent from your manufacturer of choice with just a little searching.


  • Tide Liquid with Bleach Alternative
  • Tide Vivid White and Bright


  • All Free Clear
  • All Stainlifter


  • Gain Bleach Alternative

Other Manufacturers

  • Seventh Generation Bleach-Free Detergent
  • Arm and Hammer Free Liquid Laundry Detergent

One of the best things about using laundry detergents with bleach alternatives is that they can be used on colored and patterned Egyptian cotton sheets as well, which can help them to keep looking their best even after repeated washings.

For additional whitening, OXY Clean can be used for a natural brightening boost. However, it is recommended that it not be used with every washing. Additionally, chlorine-free bleaches are available, and though they should also not be used often, can help to revitalize a dingy sheet set.

Other Egyptian Cotton Sheet Cleaning Supplies

In addition to a quality laundry detergent, it is recommended that you use dryer sheets and fabric softener to keep them feeling their best, as well as looking their best. However, regular fabric softener has conditioners in it that can actually be damaging to the fine fibers of this material.

Because of this, it is recommended that you use a specially formulated fabric softener that will not cause the fibers of your sheets to stiffen over time. It can be a good idea to look for "green" fabric softeners, such as those from Be Well and Seventh Generation, as these are formulated without many of the additional chemicals that are put into those from other manufacturers.

Another alternative that can be used in place of dryer sheets are felted wool balls. These serve the same purpose, but have no additional chemicals in them, making them perfect for this type of use. Wool dryer balls can be purchased in packs of six, and one dryer ball can be used for weeks before needing to be replaced.

Washing Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton can be laundered similarly to any other types of sheets. However, there are several things to keep in mind to prevent wear and possible damage.

Pre-Treat the Sheets

It is important that any stains in the sheets be taken care of prior to washing. This is because you will not be using a strong detergent, hot water, or heavy cycles with the sheets, which is generally recommended for heavy-duty washing. Remember that some of the best stain removal materials are products such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Launder Egyptian Cotton Sheets Separately

It is important not to wash your sheets with any other items. If they are placed in the laundry with other items, such as clothing, they can be subjected to damage. Items such as zippers can get caught in and tear the sheets. Additionally, including the sheets in large loads can lead to tangling, which can further damage them.

Use Less than the Recommended Amount of Detergent

Don't use too much laundry detergent when cleaning your sheets. An amount that is slightly less than what is recommended is usually enough. However, if deep cleaning is necessary, it might be in your best interest to opt for a mild, natural laundry detergent.

Always Wash on Cold and Gentle Cycles

Washing on the gentle cycle is important, as it will prevent any possible damage to the fibers of the sheets. Additionally, keeping the water temperature on cold will ensure that the fibers do not end up shrinking in the wash.

Drying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets should never be dried on the highest setting. They should be placed in the dryer, along with either natural dryer sheets or wool dryer balls, on either low heat or tumble dry. Alternatively, those who have outdoor clotheslines can easily air-dry their sheets outside.

Should You Iron Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Many people wonder whether or not it is acceptable to iron their Egyptian cotton sheets. The simple answer is yes - however, if you do choose to iron your sheets, be sure you keep the clothes iron on the warm setting in order to prevent damage to the cotton fibers. Do not use the traditionally high "cotton" setting on your iron.

Other Tips for the Care of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

In addition to proper washing, there are some other things to keep in mind for the care of Egyptian cotton sheets.

Rotate Sheets Regularly

It is best to have more than one set of sheets so they can be rotated out regularly. This will lengthen the life of the sheets as well as help prevent excessive wear. Egyptian cotton sheet sets, despite the comfort they provide, can actually be relatively affordable.

Replace Single Sheets

Those who do have to buy their sheets on a budget may consider only purchasing single sheets as needed. Whether you need an additional Egyptian cotton fitted sheet, which is usually the case, or an Egyptian cotton flat sheet, you can easily find what you need on eBay, which lists thousands of bedding items at very affordable prices.

Learn How to Make Basic Repairs

There is no reason to throw out a sheet set just because there is a busted seam or a tear. These are basic repairs that can be done in a matter of a few minutes by most individuals, whether they have a sewing machine or not. If you have a basic sewing kit, or at the very least a needle and some matching thread, you can easily fix minor damage to the sheet.

Buying Supplies to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets on eBay

eBay is a great resource for all kinds of cleaning supplies, including those needed to keep Egyptian cotton sheets looking and feeling their best. Buyers who shop on eBay will find two major benefits to purchasing on the site.

The first is access to a wider range of cleaning products than ever before, including all-natural cleaning products that are perfect for use with delicate materials. The other benefit is the option to purchase cleaning supplies in bulk, which will allow them to save even more money.

When you are in need of new Egyptian cotton sheets, remember that the eBay marketplace is also a great place to purchase bedding. Egyptian cotton is available for all bed sizes, and can even be found in crib bedding. Shop around and you will be sure to find whatever you need, whether it's cleaning supplies or the sheets themselves.


It is important to give your bedding the best possible care. Keeping it in good shape will keep you comfortable throughout the night, help you sleep better, and ultimately save you money as you will need to replace your sheets less often.

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