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How to Start an eBay Business with eBay Stores

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What are the Benefits of
Having an eBay Store?

eBay Stores allow sellers to add more items for sale on eBay with
the 30 day Store Inventory Format which is  much cheaper than the
7 day Auction Format. For example, let's say that you sell guitars,
guitar strings, and guitar music books. If you were to sell all of your items
in ONLY the 7 day Auction Format--you eBay fees will sky rocket!

Do eBay Stores Cost More Money
Than Just Running eBay Auctions?

Having an eBay Stores will give you an advantage by allowing you to
list more items on eBay for less money. Some sellers will also have more
than 1 eBay store if they are selling items that are not related to each other.

For example, in your guitar store--all of your items are related to each other,
so it is best in this case to have only 1 eBay Store. On the other hand, if you
want to also sell “clothing”, it would be best to have a 2nd eBay store and only
sell clothes and accessories in it. You would not want to sell any items that are
not related to guitars in your guitar store because for one--it would not look
professional and number 2--it would be very hard for you to precisely market
your eBay store if you are not selling “like items”.

Do 7 Day eBay Auctions Get
More Exosure on eBay?

It is true that the 7 day Auction Format does get more exposure than the
30 day Store Inventory Format, however, when the 2 selling formats are
used together--higher profits can be achieved! I am not telling eBay sellers to
stop running their 7 day auctions because 7 day eBay auctions used in conjunction
with the 30 day Fixed Price Format and the 30 day Store Inventory Format
are crucial to every eBay seller’s success!

To put in easier terms--think of your 7 day eBay auctions as a sidewalk sale
to entice and lead your customers into your store. For example, when someone
views 1 of your eBay auctions, that visitor will have INSTANT access to
ALL of your other items for sale in your eBay store. If someone buys 1 of
your 7 day auctions and then buys  a couple of your items that you have listed
in your eBay store inventory--you have already INCREASED your profits by
having an eBay store because you paid less for the Store Inventory Format
right from the beginning!

How Do Most eBay Sellers Sell Their Items?

Most successful eBay sellers will price their eBay auctions VERY LOW such
as 1 penny, 99 cents, or $9.95 as an example in order to entice visitors into
their eBay store. Then, eBay sellers will price the majority of their items in the
Store Inventory Format at a much higher asking price than their 7 day auctions
in order to INCREASE profits because let’s face it--more often times
than not-- low priced items will get more attention than high priced items!

That is the beauty of how you can use eBay Stores to your advantage in order
to INCREASE YOUR SALES and YOUR PROFITS! It is true that you
might sell your 7 day Auction at a much lower price than you expected and
you might even lose money by selling your 7 day Auctions at such a low price,
but you have to remember that your objective is not to make money off of your
7 day Auctions, but to use your 7 day Auctions as a marketing tool to entice
visitors into your eBay store.

Once you have visitors in your eBay Store, you will have a much higher success
rate of making a sale because the visitor will only be viewing your items and no
one else’s items.

How can eBay Stores Help Sellers
to Maximize Their Profits?

To sum it up, eBay Stores do have so many more advantages for eBay sellers
to maximize their profits.

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