How to Start an Ebay Clothing Biz!

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How to Start an Ebay Clothing Business

By: HomeGrownMama

If you love fashion and have always wanted your own business, you're in
luck.  Thanks to Ebay, you can make a great living selling clothes online. 
There are lots of successful sellers on Ebay who are able to make more than
they ever dreamed from the comfort of their own homes, and now you can be
one of them.  Here's a quick-start guide for starting a clothing business on

Finding the right vendor is absolutely crucial to your success.  A word of
caution -- stay away from dropshippers when selling clothing on Ebay. 
Dropshippers are vendors who stock and ship each item you're selling for
you, in either a plain box or with your company information (so that your
customers think it came from you.) While the concept of dropshipping is
great, the reality is not so great.  Good dropshippers are in high demand. 
You'll often see your dropshippers' items for sale by lots of other Ebay
sellers.  And because both you and the dropshipper are out to make a profit,
it's hard to price your auctions and still stay competitive.

The best course of action is to buy wholesale.  The first place to look? 
Ebay, of course!  You can find wholesale lots of clothing for sale on Ebay. 
There are other places to find wholesale clothing, easily located with a
quick Google search.  However Ebay is one of the easiest places to find what
you need.  When choosing a wholesale lot of clothing, there are a few
factors to consider.  Only purchase clothing that's new with tags, from
brand name designers.  Anything less isn't worth your time.  Divide the
wholesale price by the number of items to see what each item is costing you.
Then decide how much you're going to mark up each additional piece to find
out your potential profit.  It's not uncommon for the per-item cost in a
wholesale lot of designer shirts, for example, to be only a few dollars.  A
seller can often make at least $10 profit on one item alone.

When your first wholesale lot of clothing arrives, unpack and examine each
piece.  Then you'll need to take great photographs.  For the most
professional appearance, display each piece of clothing on mannequins or
busts.  (You can purchase these on Ebay as well!)  You'll also need a good
digital camera and a well-lit area with a neutral background.  The more
professional your photos look, the more interested people will be.  Always
choose the Gallery photo option when listing so potential buyers can see the
item right away.  When writing the title, be sure to include the brand name,
what the item is, size, color and whether or not the item is new. 
Descriptions can be a bit longer and should include all applicable item
details as well as shipping and payment information. The best time to list
your auctions is from Sunday to Sunday.  You can experiment with other
durations at other times, however it's a proven fact that Sunday evening is
the busiest time for Ebay.

Don't forget -- by selling a lot of items and getting good feedback from all
your customers, you can become a Powerseller.  A Powerseller is
automatically recognized by customers and more likely to have lots of new
and return customers.  You can become a Powerseller, as well as a successful
Ebay clothing business owner, by offering lots of quality items, shipping
promptly and offering great customer service.

I hope this short Guide has helped you consider starting your own
profitable eBay clothing business!

If you enjoyed it, please stay tuned for my other Guides!  I've been
a work-at-home Mom since 1999 and have literally DOZENS of
unique and fun ways to make extra income from home to share!

~HomeGrownMama  :)

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