How to Spot Fake Diamonds and Stones

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You may think you're an expert at spotting fake diamons, but with some of the new diamond facsimiles on the market, even a professional jeweler might not be able to spot the fradualent merchandise

Tips And Warnings:

1) If a Cubic Zirconia is mounted in a high-quality diamond mound made of 18K gold or platinum, you are not likely to be able to spot the fake diamon unless you're an expert

2) These Days, some of the best imitaion diamonds are made of moissanite. This substance, which didnt come on the market until 1998, so closely resembles a diamond that even experts have a hard time telling the two stones apart without a special instrument.  Moissanite sells for about one-tenth the price of diamonds.

3) When purchasing diamonds online or buying stones you have not seen or had independently appraised, make sure the sale is accompanied by a grading report provided by an independent lab like the GIA. When you do make a purchase, get everything in writing.


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