How to Spot FAKE G-Shock Watch Guide DW6900

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In depth guide on how to tell if that watch your buying is fake or real for G-Shock DW6900 BAPE or CASIO.

Please go by my words and not yours, I'm very experienced with this. When you go with your opinion over mine, usually that's when people lose money.

 They think they are getting a good deal and will "prove" me wrong and show off to others but its not true.

10 Step Guide to spot real or fake ones BAPE OR CASIO:

1) First look at where the watch is being sold from. If its being sold from anywhere in Hong Kong or Singapore or China, or anything other than United States or Canada there's a 99% chance the watch is FAKE.

2) Look at the watch again, look at the glass part where it says the time and has those 3 circles above the time. It should be 2 little circles then a bigger one. If the 3rd circle is red or any other color different from the main LCD its FAKE.

3) Look at the watch again. Check the words along the outside of the glass where it says illumination, on/off, alarm . Those words will be white ONLY FOR CASIO. If its black or any other color, its FAKE. FOR BAPE the outer font for those WILL be black unless its the YELLOW watch.

4) You see those 3 circles with lines in them? Above it, will say "Casio Shock Resist" for a CASIO watch and "Bape shock resist" for a BAPE one. If it doesn't or it says something else, its FAKE.

5) If you have a picture of the back of the watch with the silver circle thingy, look at the serial number. It should say something on the bottom of the circle like # / 1000. If it says 550 / 1000, its REAL FOR A CASIO WATCH. IF IT SAYS 550/2000 ITS FAKE FOR CASIO.  If you physically have the watch feel the silver thing on the back of the watch, it should be smooth. FOR BAPE, IF THE WATCH IS RED OR WHITE OR YELLOW its out of /2000. Black is out of /1000.

6) If the watch doesn't look right, like its too clear on the strap, or the font is different, its most likely FAKE. The watch should also weigh close to 1 pound and not a couple of ounces.

7) Above the time on the watch, look at it. There should be a day of the week on it. Something like SU, or TH, or TU. The day of the week should be between the first 2 circles, and not directly underneath the 3rd circle. If its under the 3rd circle, its FAKE. Some really good fake ones do show the day of the week between the first two circles though be sure to read the other steps.

8) Most G-Shock watches DW6900 that are real cost around $90 FOR CASIO. Dont buy one for $50 unless its Pre-Owned FOR CASIO. If you buy one for under $50 its most likely FAKE FOR CASIO. For bape they go for around $300 online. Dont buy one for less than that unless its PRE-OWNED

9) If you are not sure on buying a watch and just want a real one FOR CASIO, go to Dont buy a FAKE one on Ebay. Macy's sells real G-Shock DW6900 watches CASIO STYLE.

10) The box of the watch that its in should have some symbols on it like an Ape on it FOR BAPE. Make sure its Gold. If its silver its FAKE. The triangles for Bape should fit PERFECTLY also. Any cracks, its FAKE unless the seller states its old.

Thanks for looking, need help on Legit check for Nike SB or any other watch, just contact me on Ebay.

Click here for a real G-Shock Watch CASIO --

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