How to Setting Your R/C Helicopter Gyro Direction

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Prior to installing the radio controlled gyro on your RC helicopter, you should ensure that the gyro  will move the tail rotor in the right way.

You can test it this way...

Step 1.  Connect the gyro to the rudder servo, battery and receiver, making sure to follow the instructions from your gyro manufacturer. If there are two sensitivity controls in the gyro, then rotate both of them to 50 percent of the maximum. Similarly if there is only one sensitivity control setting, move it to 50%

Step 2.  Switch on the transmitter and  the receiver.  They gyro should power up as soon as the receiver comes on. Shift the rudder stick to the right as well as left. See to it that the movements of the tail rotor blades are in the right direction. The helicopter's instruction manual will show you which blade movements create right and left nose movements.  You can flip the transmitter's servo reversing switch in order to adjust errors in the movement response if the tail rotor is moving the wrong way. Typically the blades of the rear rotor rotate such that the blades closest to the ground move towards the front of the helicopter.  By spending a few moments observing how the rear tail rotor will "push" or "pull" depending on the pitch, you can avoid a surprise the first time you power up.

Step 3.  When the tail rotor blades are moving in the right directions, note which way the servo arm is rotating when you give a right stick command.

Step 4. Keep the gyro on the top of a table and turn it sharply counter-clockwise in order to produce a left nose movement of the helicopter. The servo arm is supposed to turn in the same direction as in Step 3 so as to provide an opposing right nose modification. During the test, if you notice that the servo is moving in the wrong direction, this means that the gyro is sending the wrong input, then you need to change its direction. Use the gyro's reverse switch to fix the direction of the servo's movement, and repeat the test to make sure it is working properly.

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