How to Send Partial Refund Without Adding PayPal Fees

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How to Send Partial Refund Without Adding PayPal Fees
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PROBLEM:  For some reason the seller needs to refund part or all of the PayPal payment to the buyer.  Using PayPal's Send Money to refund the money to a buyer with a business PayPal incurs a transaction fee of $.30 plus a 2.9% of entire transaction fee to the buyer and the seller is out the 2.9% that PayPal took out when the transaction was made plus the $.30 if full amount is refunded.

SOLUTION:  Partial refunds and full refunds can be sent back through the original PayPal payment without incurring any PayPal fees to the buyer or the seller.  Instructions for doing this are listed below:

1. Log into your paypal account using the PayPal payment link on the original auction or by opening PayPal in a separate window.

2. Go to the original buyer payment and click on the Details link under the Details column in your PayPal account if you opened Paypal in a separate window.  If you used the payment link in the original auction you will already be in Transaction Details.

3. Scroll down until you are at the end of the information which is the very bottom of the page but farther down than what you could originally see on the screen and you will see Refund Payment, which is just above the Return to My Account button.

4. Click on Refund payment words, which are the link to Refund Payment.

5. New screen will come up with the original payment in a box with a question beside it.  Change that amount to the amount that you want to refund.  Below it is a text box for sending a note to the buyer.  Add any pertinent message you want to accompany the refund notice.  Click continue.

6. New screen will come up showing the information you listing. Click Confirm if it is correct.  An email will be sent to the buyer and to you with the details.  The refund payment information will show up in PayPal accounts of both people.  There will be NO PayPal fees charged to either party.  Nice, clean, safe, with a record of the information for each person and no added fees incurred to anyone. 

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