How to Sell Pokemon Cards On Ebay

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If you are planning on selling pokemon cards on Ebay. There are a few things you need to know.

You should never sell pokemon cards in a big lot. The reason being is that you will make more money if you split up the rare cards. So what you do is sell each of the rare or holo cards seperate. If some of the cards are not as rare then you should put them together in groups of 2-4. If you split the rare cards up and sell them this way you will make much more money than you would if you sold them all together.

You should also include a title that will attract buyers. One thing that I include is the pokemon's name, the rarity (ex. 15/102 on the bottom of card), if it is a 1st edition, holo, and the number of cards in the listing. I know you may not be able to fit all this in the title, but what you can fit you should put this information in descending order, until the title is full. If you want to you could insert a subtitle, that just depends on how much money you want to put into the listing. I usually do not fool with that.

There is also some very vital information you should put into the listing, such as saying the card's name, rare, 1st edition, holo, what series it is in, the rarity, the condition of the card, and include the HP for the people who play the card game. YOU MUST INCLUDE A PICTURE. This is a no brainer because nobody wants to buy something without a picture included in the listing. 

Always start the bid at $.01 also put the shipping at $2.49 to the continental US. Put insurance at $2.00 for those who want to have it shipped insured in a padded envelope but otherwise send it through the mail in an envelope with a piece of paper around it. I use the printout sheet they give you that tells the information from the sell. 

For common, uncommon, and energy cards you should put these in big batches because they will not sell if you don't. I would not worry about writing the names of the cards, but I would include the number of cards in the lot and the the number of cards in each of the elements. Ship them any way you see fit as far as pricing goes. But still start the bid at $.01.

This guide is for serious sellers who want to maximize profit. The reason why I say this is because it takes a while to put that many listings on Ebay. I hope this guide will help people who want to sell pokemon cards.

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