How to Seal Air Dry Clay

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Sealing your air dry clay is fairly easy and is necessary if you want your piece to last for a long time.  Not all pieces need to be sealed but depending on what you're making you may want to consider a few options.  

Waterproof Sealers

It is sometimes great to use waterproof sealers on your project in order to protect it from water and or heat damage. When looking for a waterproof sealer, make sure that it says water based as that is what makes it "waterproof".  Use a thin layer when coating and let dry before adding a second coat. Also make sure your piece is fully dried before varnishing and glossing or you will get air bubbles or your gloss may become cloudy because of the moisture that is still trying to escape from your clay. Sometimes if you add too many coats your piece may start to peel over time so make sure you do one thin layer at a time.  Any type of sealer will do the trick although some are better than others.


There are also many different brands of varnishes on the market and you can find them online or at your local craft store. A varnish is a light coat that helps with the finishing touches of your piece. it comes in semi gloss and matte finishes. Most are not waterproof but varnishes are really used to help with the finishing touches. Some people use floor polish as a varnish and say that it works well with their pieces. I have not tried it but it doesn't hurt  to try different methods that may work for you.

Glosses- Brush on/ Spray on

A gloss is a finish used when your piece is dry in order to add a brilliant shine. Glosses work well when you're trying to make things such as Jewelry, marbles, or when you're trying it imitate mediums such as glass.  Some gloss sealers come in a thick liquid form that needs to be brushed on while others may come in a can and need to be sprayed on.  I've not had a very good experience with spray glosses because while using a gloss spray, you must be careful not to over do it as the gloss will get very sticky and leave an uneven coat.  it's best to spray lightly in a sweeping motion to avoid an uneven coat.

While using varnishes and gloss, always remember to use in a well ventilated area.  Always let your pieces fully dry before handling.  Some great varnishes you can try is a one by Americana & Sculpey.  Also look out for Stacie Laurell Gloss Varnish coming soon by Stacie Laurell Crafts.

Here are a few pics of some of my work that has been glossed and varnished! Also be Sure to Visit My Ebay Store Stacie Laurell

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