How to Repair a Pool Slide

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Sliding into a crystal-clear pool of water can cool you off on a hot day, but when your pool slide needs repairs, it can put quite a damper on your fun. There's no need to worry, however, because fixing a pool slide only takes minimal effort when you have both effective instructions to follow and all of the tools that you need. Luckily, sellers on eBay or your local hardware store make many materials available to you, such as PE plastic or hoses, to aid you in fixing your slide. Armed with the necessary tools and knowledge of how to repair your pool slide, you are sure be slipping and sliding into your pool again in no time.
How to Repair a Pool Slide

Scratches on the surface of your pool might not prevent you from sliding down it, but you could wind up with a few nicks on your legs and behind as a result. These marks can range from large to small and can be rather unsightly. Fortunately, repairing them is easy and only requires a few materials, such as Perma Plastic Cleaner or Gel-Glass. Using a clean cotton cloth, you can apply a liberal amount of one of the products to the scuffs and begin buffing them out in a circular motion. You should continue doing this until all of the polish dissolves and the scuff or scratch is gone. Should find that you have deeper scratches, you could use a Turtle Wax white compound instead.

Cracks are more common in older pool slides than they are in new ones, but they can still occur in new slides, particularly in rotomolded and acrylic versions. Before starting to fix these cracks, you need a plastic welder and PE plastic, and you should try to find material that either exactly matches or closely resembles the color of your slide, as you need to weld it to the structure. Before welding can occur, you must first sand and polish the material so that it is smooth. In cases where the crack is in the fiberglass, you could purchase a fiberglass repair kit, which typically contains everything that you need to successfully fix the slide.

Without a properly functioning ladder or legs, your pool slide is essentially useless this season. Thus, you always want to make sure to repair these components quickly, as they can pose a safety hazard. When your pool slide is a larger one that has steel legs with rust developing around the bolts and flanges, you should sand and retouch the area with a product called Rust-Oleum. To do this, rub the areas in vigorous scrubbing motions to get the steel back to a smooth state, while making sure that you have matching paint to use after the sanding process.

In cases where the pool ladder steps and treads show signs of distress, you should replace them, particularly if they are in a bent or broken state. Additionally, bolts or deck tags that are loose or broken require replacement as well, and it is best if these parts come from the same manufacturer as your ladder.

Due to the advancements in pool slide construction, it is no longer common to see skinny hoses and tiny jets. Newer models typically have at least a 1-inch diameter hose, which hardly ever requires replacement. Additionally, for those owners who have a hard water supply, the jet nozzles can clog and corrode over time. When this happens, you need to ream them clean.

Your issue might also lie within the valve gaskets, which sometimes become clogged. Oftentimes, these are just easier to replace altogether than to clean, so should you happen to have an older slide, you can purchase a side house and parts kit that includes a 1/4 inch hose, gaskets, and side jets included in the kit.

How to Buy Materials to Repair a Pool Slide on eBay

When you shop on eBay, finding pool repair materials becomes easy. For example, each eBay page contains a search field where you can enter keywords like "jet nozzles" or "gaskets" to find a listing of products to examine. As an alternative, you can find more targeted results by considering the Advanced Search option. Before making a selection, you should also review the seller's recent feedback to ensure that the seller is reliable. The ideal time to repair a pool slide is typically before you officially open your pool for the season, as doing so can ensure that the slide is safe and ready for everyone to enjoy some summertime fun.

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