How to Refill JF333 Cartridges for Dell 725 & 810

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How to Refill JF333 Cartridges for Dell 725 & 810
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR REFILLING JF333 Cartridges (for Dell 725 & 810)

Best results will be achieved if the cartridge is filled when it is between ½ and ¼ full.  If you wait until a color runs out, you risk burning out the print head.  Injector (blunted needle) usually supplied is designed to screw onto a standard syringe, almost always included.  Set up an area that can handle a little ink spillage.  Spread out newspapers, etc.  Have some tissues handy to blot excess ink.  Rubber gloves are recommended to keep hands clean.

Looking down on cartridge, peel down top of label until small hole appears.  On the newest cartridges, you will need to enlarge the vent holes with a screw eye, or with a small drill bit.  This is the Magenta (red) fill hole.  Insert a toothpick or straightened paper clip into hole to open sponge.  Push down gently until it stops.  This also verifies color in well.  Insert injector into hole, pull up slightly until ink flows (gently squeeze syringe.)  When you begin to see ink filling sponge ~~~ STOP! ~~~ Blot any excess ink from top and replace sticker.  Magenta is done!  Sticker may be left off, if you prefer.  If you tape over top, make sure you leave the vents open.

Next, peel up sticker from bottom.  You will see 2 holes.  Cover right hole and vent with a small piece of tape.  Insert toothpick into left hole, should be yellow.  Repeat filling procedure outlined above until you just see ink on sponge (if you fill too full, ink runs out of print head.)  Blot any excess with tissue and cover left hole and vent with tape.

Last one!  Remove tape from right hole.  Insert toothpick—should be Cyan (blue.)  Inject ink same as others.  Blot excess.  Remove tape.  Replace sticker if you wish.  DONE!  Blot print head on tissue until you see 3 distinct, even colored lines.  The print head on these cartridges is designed for single use but you can usually refill at least twice.

If printout is unsuccessful after thorough cleaning, you may need to use a new cartridge.  To clean stubborn print head, blot (do not rub) on tissue folded twice and soaked in warm water.  As a last resort, sometimes successful, soak head in small amount of warm water for an hour or so.  A splash of ammonia in the water (or window cleaner with ammonia) occasionally helps.  Be careful if you try cleaners with alcohol, as it degrades some plastics and is known to compromise some print heads. If injector needle becomes clogged, insert small wire to remove plug.  I use a paper twist-tie wire. For best results, use ink formulated for the JF333 cartridge, like the kits I sell.  A universal kit will give you their version of black--sort of greenish grey. Just eMail me if you have any questions!

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