How to Purchase a Discounted Gift Card on Ebay.

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How to find them...
 Change the search parameters to "Buy It Now" and "Time: Newly Listed". Next, type in the name of the store followed by the words "gift card" in the search field at the top of the page. Some sellers on Ebay will list their gift cards well below the face value in order to quickly sell them.

When you finally locate a gift card you wish to purchase, you must make the transaction quickly to ensure that another user won't beat you to it! However, be sure to read the listing very carefully because some sellers may sell a $50 gift card with no value on it for collector's purposes. As long as it states the USD value in the item description you should be fine. Be sure to spend the cards quickly though to make sure the seller does not spend the card after shipping it to you. I usually like to search with the generic term "gift card" to see what all retailer gift cards will pop up. Every once in a while I'll locate a Target, Walmart, or Shell gift card at a discount. Good luck and happy hunting!
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