How to Properly Refill a Butane (Jet) Lighter

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So many of us has used them before. Those darn lighters never seem to function properly after you refill them, every once in a while you get a good one.. but for the most part, refillable butane jet lighters usually dont last too long.

So I wanted to share a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your refillable butane jet lighter. Brand doesn't seem to matter, I've averaged around 80% product failure when it comes to jet lighters.


I've come to learn that during a refill, you should do a couple extra things to make certain the lighter is really filling up.

1. Use a pen to depress the refill valve so that it can release any trapped air.

2. Use a knife or small flatblade screwdriver to turn the flame adjuster to its LOWEST SETTING.

3. Turn the bottle of butane UPSIDE DOWN during refill, to ensure your putting ONLY fluid in the lighter.

4. ALWAYS allow the lighter a minute or two before lighting it after a refill.

And finally...

5. Turn the flame adjuster back to its normal position.

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