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How to Promote Your eBay Store v.7

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Welcome to the wonderful, sometimes exasperating, world of eBay Stores. Here are some ways to improve your listings and drive traffic to your eBay Store:

Run auctions to promote your eBay store: Be sure to have a prominent link to your store in the listings. There are many free button makers you can use to make buttons to advertise your store. It can be a simple text link or a fancy button:

Buy It Now in My eBay Store!

To create links like the examples above, go here. Need help building links? Try the HTML Builder. You can build links for use on eBay and off.

Manage your eBay Cross-Promotions: You can adjust your cross-promotions to show different items than the eBay standard ones.

Improve your listings with better cross-promotional tools that you control!

Promote your store on and off eBay: Many search engines have "sponsored results" that you can pay to be included in, some of them are reasonable. Look for links that say: " SPONSOR RESULTS" "See your message here" or "Advertise with us"

Use your Custom Pages and About Me page to increase your search engine ranking. These pages get indexed into the various search engines. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization for eBay Stores.

Use eBay's   Stores To Go to add your eBay content to your off eBay webpage.

Make an RSS feed available from your storefront:
1. Go to your store front and click on "Seller, manage Store."
2. Under "Store Marketing" on the left, click on "Listing Feeds."
3. Under "RSS Feeds," select "Distribute your listings via RSS." and click on the "Apply" button.
4. An button will now be located at the bottom of your storefront.

Use a signature image in eBay's forums: Any of the free button makers can be used to make a nice signature image for eBay's discussion boards. You will need to have the image hosted somewhere, Picture Manager will do nicely for that for free. Signature images may not exceed 220 x 50 pixels. Guidelines for Use of Signature Files in Posts

How to enable your signature on eBay's discussion boards

Check out eBay's Business Collateral Center to develop flyers, business cards and other professional-looking business collateral to help you build your eBay Store identity.

Please remember links to eBay Stores Malls or any Site Rings must go on your About M e page, they are not permitted on eBay Stores pages. Please review eBay's  Links Policy and  Links from an eBay Store

Other Ways to Promote your eBay Store:

Do you have a blog? Do you have a link from your blog to your eBay store? A blog doesn't have to be about your eBay store to drive traffic to it.

Do you use discussion boards off eBay? Include a discreet link to your eBay store in your signature. Be sure to follow the discussion boards posting guidelines.

Include a link to your eBay store in your e-mail signature. Some providers are a little restrictive about what links you can use. If in doubt, check with your provider.

Use logo items to promote your eBay store: Wear a  shirt or carry a  tote bag with your eBay store name on it. These can be purchased on eBay in many cases!

Get a bumper sticker or license plate frame made with your eBay store name. If you don't want adhesives, consider a window cling that requires no adhesive. (Make sure that your state allows stuff on your car windows.)

Learn more about eBay's  Promotional Tools, or visit the eBay Stores Discussion Board for more help!

Find more information here:  ECommerce-Guide FAQ Thread

Good luck, and happy eBaying! Mona - © 2005, Updated 25 August 2007 beadhappys
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