How to Paint Eyes on Ceramic Bisque

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How to Paint Eyes on Ceramic Bisque


In this sample of the way I paint eyes, I chose a snowball noggin ornament. My flesh color for this lil gal was pink. After I put my flesh color on, I then chose to give my eyes some eye shadow. I dry brushed the blue for the eye shadow above the eyes.


  I then re-loaded my drybrush with the fleshtone pink color that I had used originally for the face.


Then I went back over the blue eyeshadow by drybrushing a light shade of pink back over the original color of blue to tone it down. Pictures here shows the eyes with the eyeshadow before and after it was toned down.

Then I color on my white for the actual eye.

I've decided to give my noggin blue eyes, so this is the color I used next. 


Thin your black paint, and roll your brush bristles in the paint, because now you're ready for the outline of the eye.


  Outline around the eye as shown to the left. After both eyes are outlined, you're ready to insert the black pupil inside.


  Black pupil area is now inserted.

  Eyelashes and eyebrows are added, and then add white dashes in each black pupil..... FINISHED!!!!!






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