How to Obtain Phone Contact Info for eBay Buyer/Seller

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Many do not know that eBay allows you to pull up your buyer or sellers contact information in the event that emails haven't worked.  I often have to do this as email get returned as undelivereable, get dumped in the spam file or get ignored.  I often get asked by our students how to get the phone number.

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Remember that contact information is covered by eBay's privacy rules and can only be obtained if both the buyer and seller are in a mutual transaction.  You will need two bits of information; the USER ID of the other party and the transaction number (listing number).

First, go to the HELP heading at the top of any eBay page and click on it.  You will get an A-Z index, click on C or type in CONTACT SELLER in the search box.

You will get instructions from eBay on the various links for contact information, click on the one that says request additional contact information.  You will be presented with a short form asking for the user ID and transaction number, type it in and click on enter.

A paragraph will pop up telling you your request has been received and that eBay will email you the contact information.  Remember that the other party will also get a duplicate containing yours.

If you get a disconnected number or line where a human cannot answer such as a fax line, you need to contact eBay Trust & Safety as this is a violation of the USER Agreement.  All active accounts must have a telephone line answereable by a human being and must be the registered person.  Too often eBayers move and forget to update their info...this is easily fixed and eBay will contact them and allow them a chance to fix it.

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