How to Make an Altered Lunch Box

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How to Make an Altered Lunch Box
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We've all seen them, the beautifully embellished tin lunch boxes (or lunch pails) that everyone seems to be making and using as albums and organizers. Want to try your hand at making one but not sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place because we are going to tell you how...and don't's so EASY!

First you need to get your hands on a lunch box or lunch pail. Sometimes this is the most difficult task as they are in high demand right now. Our favourite one is the Basic Grey Lunch Pail Album Kit. It has everything you need to get you started! Next you'll want to decide on what type of box you want to create. Will it be a memory box to showcase your photos and special moments? Or mabye an organizer for your recipes or coupons? Whatever you decide, you are only limited by your imagination. Once you've decided on what type of box you want to create, you need to pick your theme, colors and style! With the wide range of products on the market right now, you have tons of choice!

Now that you've got all your supplies (Lunch Box/Pail, Paper, embellishments, adhesives, etc) you are ready to start. But where you ask? Well, the first place to start is covering the outside of your box. Remember, you can do this any way you want to. Some people prefer to cover the box only in pieces, others prefer to have the whole box covered. Double sided tape works great to adhere your paper onto the box. Measure your box to determine how wide, and how long the paper pieces have to be to achieve your desired look. A hot glue gun works great to adorn the box's edges or rims with ribbon or other hard to attach embellishments. And don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always remove something and start over.

Once you've got the outside of your box covered, don't forget to add some embellishments like buttons, ribbon, tags, and lettering to showcase what the box is about.

Next you'll want to work on the inside of the box...the index cards! Many people embellish the cards as they would if they were working on page layouts for their albums (just on a smaller scale). Once you've decided on a title for each of the index cards' tabs, you can then embellish the fronts and backs of the index cards keeping in theme with it's purpose!

Once all cards are complete, you are ready for the final touch! Tie a bunch of ribbons onto the box's handle, and see just how much it adds to your final masterpiece!



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