How to Make Your Own Embroidery Transfer

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Create Your Own Embroidery Transfer Pattern

You can create your own embroidery transfer pattern design using Aunt Martha's Tracing Pad paper (9"x12" sheets of Tracing Paper) and transfer pencils.

1.  Trace any selected design (from a  vintage pattern, coloring book cartoon, or your own hand drawn creation) onto the tracing paper with the transfer pencil.

2.  The design, once traced onto the paper using the transfer pencil, will be your own custom hot iron transfer.

3.  Next,  turn the transfer paper over and iron onto a flour sack towel, an apron, a shirt, or fabric with a hot clothes iron.  Remember to keep the setting on your iron high, to ensure enough heat to set the transfer.

4.  There are endless possibilities for creating your own designs to be embroidered or fabric painted.

Tip:  To create your own transfers with letters or words, be sure that the letters or words are backwards so that when you iron them on, the fonts will face forward.

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For a complete selection of available transfer paper, hot iron pencils, craft paints, and hundreds of transfer patterns, visit our EBay store:  Aunt Martha's Transfers from Pauli.  We hope you'll visit us soon!!


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