How to Ionize Water

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How to Ionize Water

Many people believe that ionized water helps promote good health. Tap water and drinking water go through a process to remove impurities and other harmful substances. Some water companies may add other chemicals to improve taste. The water treatment process alters the pH of water, and ionizing restores the pH to a level that helps balance out the acidic pH in the body. To ionize water, users need to test the water's pH and then choose the ionizing method that best meets their needs.


Test the Water's pH

The first step in ionizing water is testing the current pH of the water. To do this, users need pH paper. Dip the paper into the water, swirl it around for a few seconds, pull it out of the water, and compare the color to the legend provided by the pH paper manufacturer. Although the pH of pure water is neutral at 7.0, finding neutral water, even in nature, is rare.


pH Range

Water Type


Ionized water


City water


Pure water


Surface water


Ground water


Substances with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline, while substances with a pH less than 7 are acidic. Ionized water is also known as alkalinized water because it has a pH between 8.0 and 10.0. Companies that sell ionized water and ionizers claim that this alkaline water helps restore pH balance in the body as well as provide a number of other health benefits, but no scientific studies support these claims.


Choose a Method for Ionizing Water

Several methods for ionizing water are available. Some are easier and less expensive than others. By learning the process for each method, users can determine which best suits their needs. Some methods ionize all water coming into the home, while some ionize a single glass, and others fall somewhere in between.

Electric Water Ionizer

An electric water ionizer is one of the most expensive ways to ionize water, but it is also one of the most convenient. Users simply attach the water ionizer to the sink's faucet and run the water through the device. Low-voltage electricity changes the charge of the water molecules to increase alkalinity. Users easily adjust pH levels with the press of a button on the device.

Bio-Ceramic Filters

Commonly seen in fish tanks and pond filters, a bio-ceramic filter also ionizes drinking water. These filters use materials such as clay, stone, and other minerals. As the water passes through the filter, it creates a magnetic charge that changes the pH of the water to make it more alkaline. Unlike the electric ionizer, users cannot control the pH levels produced by the filters. The change in charge depends on the amount of magnetite and other minerals in the clay.

Magnetic Ionizer

A magnetic ionizer is perhaps the most convenient method for ionizing water for the entire house or in large quantities. A magnetic ionizer attaches to the pipes that hold incoming water. With this method, the ionizers change the alkalinity of the water before it exits the tap. This method is the most convenient for people who want all of their water ionized, including water for showers.

Alkaline Concentrate

Alkaline concentrate allows people to alkalinize a single glass of water. This is the least convenient method for ionizing water in the home, but it works for people who want to ionize their water everywhere they go. Alkaline concentrate comes in liquid or tablet form. Typically, users place a couple of drops or a single tablet in one 8-ounce glass of water to adjust the pH.

Batch Unit Ionizer

A batch unit ionizer is the least expensive method for ionizing water. This device holds about 1 gallon of water and uses a small electrical current to change the alkalinity of the water. The entire process takes about 15 minutes to complete depending on the ionizer. This process is perhaps the most convenient for people who do not need all of their water ionized but like to have a large amount of ionized drinking water available.


How to Buy a Water Ionizer on eBay

eBay offers a large selection of new and used water ionizers. Shoppers can easily locate the one that meets their needs by performing a basic or advanced keyword search. Additionally, they can browse through the selection of home and garden items to see what is currently available. Shoppers easily compare the available items by reviewing the item descriptions, looking at photos, and finding products within their price range before making a purchase.



The process of water ionization restores the pH of drinking water to a slightly alkaline level. By drinking this water, people balance out the slightly acidic pH in their bodies in hopes of achieving optimal health. People have several options when it comes to ionizing water, ranging from easy to hard and inexpensive to expensive. By determining how much ionized water they need, users can find the method that works best for their purposes.

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