How to Install Screen Protector for Cell Phones Tablets

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Installing LCD Screen Protector film to maintain the display of your cell phones, tablets, PDA, GPS and MP3 player in 100% condition.


  1.  We strongly advise that you install the screen protector on a clean, dust-free environment (to prevent air bubbles and dirt.) You must also make sure that you have turned off your device for approximately 15 minutes as this also causes air bubbles

  2. Please use the lint-free cleaning cloth to clean the screen protector and make sure that there is no residual marks / micro dusts.
  3. There are 2 protective films on both sides of the protector with little tabs which helps remove the protective film from the screen protector itself. (this film is to protect the actual screen protector from packing and the shipping processes.)
  4. First peel the bottom film back by pulling the #1 tab back about 1 inch and place it on the screen.
  5. Then gently press down the upper portion of the sticky side and slowly work your way down until the plastic film is completely off.
  6. Second, gently slide the provided card over the screen and push out any air bubbles towards the nearest edge.
  7. Finally, remove the top film by pulling the # 2 tab back.
  8. To remove the bubbles, carefully place the removed protective film layers and by using a credit-card or a squeegee card, carefully swipe off the air bubbles.

This instructions can work with the following screen protectors:



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