How to Install Fog Lights

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How to Install Fog Lights

There are many ways to customize and upgrade a vehicle today. Purchasing new fog lights is a great way to increase visibility when driving and give a vehicle a new look. There are many products on the market today as well as many options when purchasing and installing. With all the decisions that need to be made, it can be overwhelming, but with the right information, shoppers can find what they are looking for, enjoy buying it, and have a good installation experience.

This guide will provide information about what fog lights are, the different types of fog light bulbs and mounts, how to install fog lights, where to purchase them, and how to buy them on eBay Motors. After reading this guide, buyers will be confident and knowledgeable when making decisions, which will help them have the best shopping experience they can.

Fog Lights Defined

Fog lights are small round or rectangular lights on the front of an automobile and are usually located low on the bumper. They are used for function and appearance with many coming in different colors and ways to mount them.

The Purpose of Fog Lights

The purpose of fog lights is to give the driver a better view of the road in poor weather conditions, such as snow, rain, fog, and dust. They can be used with or without the headlights on and are suggested in a white or yellow light for increased visibility. The laws concerning fog lights change depending on what country or state the vehicle is being operated in. It is important for owners to research what the laws are in their local area before changing or adding fog lights to a vehicle.

Types of Fog Light Bulbs

With the constant advancements in technology, fog lights have changed considerably since their creation. Today there are LED, HID, and halogen bulbs available, as well as different lens options. Here is some information about each to make it easier for readers to compare.


LED stands for light emitting diodes, which are excellent for automotive lighting, because they do not respond to vibration and use very little energy. They are much brighter than halogen bulbs and have a longer lifespan.


High intensity discharge is the meaning of HID and it refers to the electrical ignition of the xenon gas inside the bulb. HID bulbs are shown to produce more quantity of a brighter light than a halogen bulb and the blue-white xenon light is very popular, because it is close to the appearance of daylight.


Halogen bulbs have been in production longer than the above types and cost much less to make. They are a single filament bulb filled with halogen gas and are more widely available than LED or HID lights. The downside to halogen bulbs is that they tend to burn hot and have a short lifespan.

Fog Light Mount Styles

With so many types of automobiles available today, there is a need for different types of mounts for fog lights to ensure they are available to most drivers. Below are some examples of ways fog lights are mounted and vehicles they are used for.

Fog Light Type



Bumper Mount

Fog lights usually come from the factory this way and can be round or rectangular with lenses available in many colors

Any type of vehicle from a Chevrolet Malibu to a Dodge Ram

Grille Mount

These fog lights are round and are mounted behind the front grille of a vehicle

Best for trucks or SUVs, such as a Ford F150 or Toyota Land Cruiser

Rack Mount

Round or rectangular light attached to a brush guard mounted to front bumper, or a rack mounted to the roof

For vehicles with a front brush guard or roof rack

Style and taste vary between different vehicle owners, so not all types of fog light mounts are going to appeal to
everyone. As with any automobile, there are many ways to customize and make it unique and there are many fog lights available on the market to help each owner do just that.

Installing Fog Lights

Installing fog lights can be easy, depending on the type of light and vehicle. It is important to refer to the vehicle manual and fog light kit instructions for what parts are needed and possible installation tips before deciding whether or not to perform the task or have it completed by a professional.

Do It Yourself

On many types of vehicles, the fog lights are easily accessible and only take a few steps to replace. Below are some basic steps for installing fog lights, but all readers should research product instructions before installing.

Step One

Make sure to have the vehicle on an even surface, the ignition off, and the parking brake on.

Step Two

Locate the fog lights on the front of the vehicle and then prop open the hood. If unsure of the fog lights location use the map provided in the vehicle manual to find them.

Step Three

Disconnect the fog light switch from the fog light housing.

Step Four

Loosen and remove the nut, washer, and bolt that hold the fog light housing in place. Do not discard unless all parts are provided with the new fog light assembly.

Step Five

Gently remove the fog light housing from the bumper. If installing grille or rack mounted fog lights, make sure to gently lift away lights without damaging or scratching the bumper, grille, or roof.

Step Six

Insert the new fog light assembly in the place of the old one and ensure the bolt holes are the same. If they are different, first verify the new fog light is the correct part for the vehicle, and if so, that the new holes can be drilled out using a power drill with the appropriate bit.

Step Seven

Using a ratchet or wrench,, insert the bolt and thread on the washer and nut. Tighten the nut, keeping in mind not to overtighten so the fog light and vehicle are not damaged.

Step Eight

Attach the fog light switch to the fog light housing and verify the lights are operational by turning the ignition on and switching on the fog lights.

Have Them Installed

Many fog lights can be more complicated to install, especially when fog lights have never been in a vehicle and holes need to be cut or drilled. A few examples of places that install fog lights are automobile service centers or independent parts and accessories stores. They both will have associates capable of installing custom fog lights or replacing existing ones. It is important to research each company and look for service warranties and customer reviews. When it comes to the installation of any part on a vehicle, it is best to choose a company that will give an automobile the same care that an owner would.

How to Purchase Fog Lights on eBay Motors

Shopping on eBay Motors is an easy, fun experience that can give people access to a large variety of products at great prices. Learning how to navigate eBay Motors is simple when using the available resources. Some examples of what people can find are how to search and buy on eBay, what protection eBay offers it's customers, and places to ask questions about the buying process and much more.

Searching for Fog Lights

Finding the right item on eBay Motors is easiest when using the search bar located on any page. Type in general keywords that will bring up a large amount of products, such as "fog lights" or "LED fog lights," and then narrow the list down from there using the options available. Some of these options include brand, condition, price, and seller location. When choosing an item to purchase, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the product and the seller before committing.

Tasks to complete before deciding are reading the full product description, looking through all pictures provided, and reading the payment, shipping, and return policies. It is also necessary to submit any questions and make any requests to the seller before purchasing. There are places in each auction where any eBay member can contact the seller easily.


Customizing or upgrading an automobile can be a fun part of ownership. Purchasing fog lights is a great way to not only give a vehicle a new look, but to improve the driver's safety when operating the automobile. There are many options when its comes to fog lights and the way they are mounted that can change the function and appearance. It is important for buyers to learn what they can about their vehicles and research their options.

Finding the right fog lights can be the easy part, which means deciding whether to personally install them or have them put in by a professional can be difficult. With the many resources available online and through a local dealer or store, everyone should be able to get the look and performance they desire from fog lights. Even though there are many things to consider when shopping, purchasing, and installing, purchasing new lights or replacing old ones can mean a much safer and more stylish way to drive.

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