How to Find Toys at Thrift Stores to Sell on Ebay

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Through trial and error I've learned some great tips to reduce anxiety when searching for the right toy to sell on e-bay. It's important to remain calm and remember to have fun through the entire process. Here is a list of things I've done to help me.

1) Research
Before you step foot into a thrift store, you must research the market for the best selling toys. A great application that makes this easy is Catman. Catman is an e-bay application that you can access by going to e-bay's labs. This application shows a list of product categories and what items are being searched for the most in e-bay. It also shows the top seller within that category so you can find out how much the item is selling for.

Familiarize yourself with product trends and demands by looking at toys on department or toy store websites. These stores have done extensive research to know what toys will sell. These toys will be featured on their pages. This will also help you to know what prices of brand new toys are.

Familiarize yourself with popular cartoon characters. Toys that sell very well are those that are popular children's cartoon characters.

2) Shop with a list but also be flexible
Write down the popular toy product names you found in your research. Realize that you may not find it on your shopping trip, but if you do, you will have the knowledge to know how much someone would pay for it.

3) Watch parents as you shop
If you see more than one parent picking up and examining a toy, it might be a good cue for you to get the item. These toys are getting views for a reason.

4) Think about bundles
If you don't know if an item will sell, sometimes you can put it in a bundle for more buying potential. When you bundle something, you sell one item along with accessories that compliments the item. E.g: Doll with doll clothes, and doll furniture. These bundles help to sell products that you aren't sure will sell because they show parents that they are getting more money for their purchase.

5) Clean your products
Don't forget to clean your items before you ship them to your customer. Though some thrift stores have already cleaned their products, children often go over to the toy section and play with the toys in the store. Some kids may put them in their mouths so it's a good idea to disinfect the toys.  If you write in your product listing that all your toys have been disinfected, it could also add value to your listings.

 Thrift stores can be exciting places to shop for your merchandise if you come prepared. Following these tips will help you to not feel overwhelmed on your next thrift store shopping excursions!
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