How to Drive More Traffic to Your Ebay Listings/Store!

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Everyone that has ever sold on Ebay has the same goal.  Get people to buy what they are selling.  The reality of ths is that you can't get a horse to drink the water unless you lead him to it first.

Hence, the major obstacle of selling on Ebay is not just to get your stuff sold but to get it in front of as many eyes as possible to do so.

Having been in person to person sales for over ten years, I know the old adage pretty well.  You will hear a lot more "no's" than "yes's".   Like any good salesperson knows, the times that you are shot down are going to far exceed the times that  you get a sale.

So what's a salesperson (or any other person for that matter) to do?

The answer is very simple... and one of the golden rules of sales in any way, shape or form.  You make more opportunities for someone to say yes.  As Grandma liked to say "please" and "thank you" are always free.

Translated into the world that I seem to be quasi-obsessed with (otherwise known as Ebay to the rest of you), the answer is very simple.  Drive MORE TRAFFIC to your Ebay listings!

So now you're saying, "Great!  I ALREADY KNEW THAT but no matter what I have up... It seems that I am not getting the page views I would like... even if the item I have is a really great item and I see ones just like it getting more page views and more bids!"

Well, there are a few answers for that:

1.) If you are not selling the latest hot items (Coach purses and Cell phones, to name a few), Ebay is not going to bring you top dollar for your items BY ITSELF in most instances!  You need to CREATE THE NEED!

2.) A lot of the people around here have reputations.  Some bad and some good.  But a reputation nonetheless.  For those of us who don't have feedback scores over 500, sometimes a buyer would rather buy from someone who does.  It doesn't mean that your item is less worthy.  It just means that someone might TRUST a different seller more.

Okay, now that you are with me on all of that, let's get on with the ways that you can not only get more traffic but also SELL THOSE LISTINGS while incidentally, boost that feedback score to the hundreds.

1.)  List your listings ONE AT A TIME.  Ebay has some pretty great software out there called Turbo Lister that allows you to upload several items at once.  At first, I thought that was a great concept.  Definitely a time saver and it's FREE!  But I noticed something, when I uploaded several listings to Ebay at once, my overall page views on the new listings wasn't that high.  Often times people search by newly listed and when you list EVERYTHING at once, you are just BOMBARDING someone that is not interested in your product with your product.  Now I list things at least five minutes apart and hopefully at least a half an hour if I have the time.  This method will throw your product out in front of different sets of eyes in small increments.

2.)  Throw your name around town.  When you send out a package, be sure to include your business card as well as a Thank You letter adorned with your name.  REFERRALS are THE BEST way to sell anything!

3.)  Put as many links up to your other items and/or store as much as possible.  Someone might be looking for not only the item that you have up but also something like it.  For example if you are selling the latest Black Eyed Peas CD, then don't forget to mention in that listing that you also have the old one for sale as well.

4.)  Ask for the business.  In an average sales cycle, a salesperson has to ask for the business five times before he or she gets it.  Phrases like BID NOW & WINNING BIDDERS get your target's attention.

5.)  Watch those keywords!  Omniture offers a service for free to Ebay store owners that will provide reports such as Keywords used to find your listings and site traffic!  Utilizing this software will let you know if "Gold Chain" was used more times to find your listing than "Gold Necklace" and vice versa.

6.) Use photographs!  And I don't mean just any old photograph.  I mean PROVOCATIVE photographs!  Whether you're selling a carburetor or a Victoria's Secret bra, a good clear well shot photo tells more than a thousand words!  Not only does it allow the buyer to see what he or she is getting, it draws people into your ad. 

7.) Write a Guide!  If you are selling a lot of a particular item on Ebay, then chances are that you know a lot about it.  Writing a guide is a great way to get your name/product out in front of other people that otherwise wouldn't have even looked at your stuff!

In essence, driving more traffic to your listings is the only way that you are going to get them sold and sold for top dollar.  Try a few of these methods and I am sure that you will see a great improvement in the success of your auctions. 

Now go be a sport and check out what I have for sale...


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