How to Decorate a Wedding Reception, Decoration Ideas o

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How to Decorate a Wedding Reception, Decoration Ideas on a Dime

Your wedding reception decoration ideas are scattered. You want to do it yourself, or with help, yet don't want cheesy centerpieces or tables that look half dressed and cheap.
The ceremony costs enough, and you need some quick, wedding reception decoration ideas that prove to be beautiful, yet thrifty.
Find out how to decorate for your wedding reception on a budget. Make this special day all it was meant to be, including the reception.

Reuse your bouquets for the wedding reception. Decoration ideas include placing them on tables as centerpieces or for an added touch of your wedding colors.
Place bouquets on the tables for a wedding reception. Decoration ideas for a reception always include flowers.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars more on additional flowers, why not use the maid of honor's, the bridesmaid's and the bride's bouquet to decorate the tables?

They're not going to want to hold them and keep up with them throughout the reception, anyway. Neatly place the bouquets on predetermined tables.
There are many wedding reception decoration ideas for a tree. Make one!
Make your own tree. There are many wedding reception decoration ideas for using a tree.

Make your own by simply finding long twigs or branches, 3-4 feet high. Cut the twigs and remove the leaves. Spray paint the twigs in your chosen color and place in a vase with fruit or decorative rocks.

You can also hang beads or crystals on the twigs, instead.

Use this as a large centerpiece, or make several centerpieces for each table setting. This can also be used to hang place cards on for guests to find once they enter the reception.

Also, this makes a wonderful "wish tree" in which guests hang well wishes for the bride and groom.
Make use of pictures, either of the bride and groom or of their parents' wedding day!
Decorate with pictures for the wedding reception. Decoration ideas for photos include placing several pictures of the bride close to the wedding cake. You can also use pictures of the couple's parents on their wedding day.

Make sure there is a large one of the bride and groom at a distinct location in the reception, such as the entrance.

This is such underutilized decor and it's something couples already have. Make use of your best photos by sharing them with guests.
Many wedding reception decoration ideas turn whole or cut fruit into a great centerpeice.
Decorate with fruit or artificial flowers. Place in vases underwater as a centerpiece for your wedding reception. Decoration ideas include cut or whole lemons or limes.

To get fruit or flowers to stay underwater, fill vase with water first, then wedge fruit or flowers against vase. These make lovely arrangements!
Lights and tulle add elegance!
Add plenty of lighting to your reception. Get candles, rope lights, or Christmas lights to add plenty of sparkle.

Wrap rope lights or Christmas lights in tulle and hang. Reasonably priced, lights add elegance to any event.


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