How to Create a Western Decor Theme in a few easy steps

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How to Create a Western Decor Theme in a few easy steps
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How to Create a
Western Theme Room
in a Few Easy Steps

Give the Old West some new life decorating a room around a western theme.

This guide works for one room in the house, for a guest cabin, a whole ranch house or a grand lodge.  The steps are all the same and just as easy to follow.

To create an unbelievable looking western theme room all you need to do is follow these easy steps. You'll be amazed how great your room looks when you're finished, and you will have the pride and satisfaction of having created it your self.

Step 1: Color

The first thing you need to do is come up with a great color scheme that you like and has a western ambiance to it. There are different ways to approach this and here is one great way that always works. Gather up some older cowboy western photos from books, calendars, postcards, log-home magazines or the internet, visit a western bar or saloon, relax in the lobby of an Old Hotel, take a Sunday drive down a dirt road taking pictures of the western scenery and older ranches. While observing the west pick up items that have colors that attract you like a rock, clay pot, wild flower, basket or piece of old barn wood. 

Why have this much fun? Because you'll find some great looking color schemes. Some will be multi-color and tones while others will have a single color and tone. This is a great way to set your expectations free and let your creative thinking come up with a fun and unique color theme for your western room. 

Your Western color theme will likely incorporate natural colors and tones from the sepia tones, terra cotta colors, honey colored woods, natural materials, river bottom stones, black and rusted metals, leather boots or saddles or basket weavings and may include vibrant colors from horse blankets, wild flowers or and old hotel rug.

Step 2: Ceilings

The ceilings can be very fun to complete.  There are a few basic choices for creating a ceiling with a fantastic western feel.  Western ceilings can be a pine plank vaulted ceiling, a rough textured mud or sheet rock ceiling with massive wooden beams – real or faux, or vintage tin type panel ceilings in copper or painted finishes.  The ceiling choice you make will determine the reflective light that will be natural to the room ranging from low and cozy to high and open. 

If you are considering structural changes to the ceiling it is best to have a contractor do the work or be on site for consultation.  Big changes to ceilings some time are the best ones to spend a little extra time achieving as they can really make the difference in a room.

Step 3: Floors

Next you'll want to come up with a floor style. Deciding on the type of flooring you want in your western theme room really depends on where in the home the western room is located. For example if it were in your kitchen or basement use  earth tone ceramic tiles and depending on the size of the area consider the use of two different earth tone colored tiles from the same tile pattern.  Checkerboard tile lay outs are reminiscent of the rustic western look and feel.

If the room is in a different part of your home like a home office or bedroom a hardwood or laminate flooring would be perfect. The key to a great looking western floor is all in the warm earthy look and feel. With a dark hardwood floor you get that look and feel for a bit of a price. If you want something less expensive then laminate can and does replicate hardwood very well with huge savings.

If you already have suitable color and tone on the floor then you may want to look into western style area rugs to place around the room. Western rugs will give you a great western look and feel with out tearing up the floor.  There are great tanned leather rugs available some with the cow hide and fur on.

Step 4: Wall Decor

The walls are fairly easy and very fun to complete but often carry the biggest fear or road block to your décor theme.  With the walls painted, the ceiling finished and the flooring done your room is ready to take on the look of your great western dream room.

Wall décor can vary substantially, yet in the end it is all about finding the perfect western touches.  Great finds for you western walls can include western posters, prints, artwork, mirrors, shelving and tapestries or rugs.  Be bold and adventurous while letting your cowboy spirit rustle up a western life style room you have dreamed about.  Refer back to your second and third choices for wall colors, they are likely the ones not chosen out of fear or lack of confidence in what they would do to the whole room.  These are the colors you want to use for the wall décor.  They will help you find your perfect accent colors for the wall décor.  Accent colors are often brick red, deep terra cotta, forest green, and navy with touches of tans, creams and grays.  Whether you're going for a cowboy theme, a bar room look or just a general western style adding wall decor is fun.

One of the best places to find wall art is at a local second hand stores or on auction sites like eBay. Sometimes you can find original pictures or posters and that is always fun and exiting.  Used, vintage or older looking items will look great in your western theme room.  If you're not into second hand stuff then besides going all out at a local country western store have a look online first there are many great Western Home Décor stores on-line and in the auction sites that do carry new western décor items.

Now you have two tools in your pocket the colors and textures and the places to shop.  It is time to choose the perfect western wall décor for your room.  Look for vintage style mirrors with very ornate frames; don’t worry about the color they look great repainted in a metallic silver and antiqued with a black paint wash to replicate vintage silver.  Western theme posters can be stapled to simple barn wood frames.  Old quilts or horse blankets can be hung from natural branches or vintage metal ranch equipment parts.  Photos from western calendars used in multi-photo frames or large focal frames and original western prints or painting will guarantee the look and feel of authentic western life style living.  Mounted Longhorn horns, skulls plain or painted, metal western themed shelf brackets with older reclaimed wooden shelves, old territorial maps, early American flags, framed old US currency, vintage window frames with old wave glass make great picture frames or hang a collection of old bits and spurs, cowboy hats, horseshoe wall accessories or wild life mounts like deer or buffalo.

Step 5: Lighting

Now it's time to add western lighting to your room. This is a major part of creating a great western theme room that's both fun and functional.

There are various ways to bring western lighting into your room.  Add a couple vintage western lanterns to your tabletops or bar. These add to the overall western look and feel. Next find a wall sconce or two with cowboys or bulls.  For low lit situations these are truly beautiful and a must for your country western room.  In any case, change out your traditional light fixtures for fixtures that have a Western theme. Heavy iron material will always work well.  Try looking for those light bulbs that look like flickering candles.

To actually bring light into your room you'll need something bigger like a Western or Native American chandelier with cowboy, rodeo, horse or wildlife themes. Whether you go with a rustic metal, leather or antler chandelier it will do the trick. Swag and saloon lamps are good for game rooms.  And western themed table lamps are great for just about any room in your home.
Now you almost have a complete western room with only a few steps to go.

Step 6: Furniture

So you have the lighting done but what good is it if you don't have anywhere to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Now is the time to think about adding western furniture.

Key to successful western life style living is personal comfort.  There is some great looking western furniture made from wagon wheels, log furniture and /or leather. Generally any type of furniture that has a brown tint to it would work in your western theme room.  Western style furniture is often large in scale, made of wood, and without any fussy detail. Log furniture, Mission style furnishings, and twig pieces can be mixed with pine and oak.

Older is often better in a Western style interior. Vintage cracked leather ottomans or stools, Old wooden side chairs, tooled leather seats, reclaimed wooden plank benches, even the new ultra suede or leather upholstered furniture are perfect for setting up a western style room.
But if you want something truly western then go with hand carved log furniture. You'll give your western room an outdoors feeling and that is always fun and unique.

Step 7: Accessories

Finish off your Great Looking Western Room. How? Don’t stop now you almost have it done.  You must add the best and the most unique western accessories and decorations you can find. This is where you imagination comes in handy.

Look for things that will enhance the overall western experience for friends and family. For example look for little things like a cast iron bottle opener or boot spurs.  Add an cowboy clock , wanted posters, whisky bottles denim or leather pillows, fishing creel, old saddle, dried flowers, a pair of old cowboy boots, bandanas for napkins or table mats, old leather or rustic wood window valances, wooden crates for magazine boxes, hurricane lamps, pinecone displays, lariat wreathes, bronze sculptures of western or cowboy themes, wooden shutters, old cotton, lace, western shirts and bandanas make great window fabric treatments, western books, whip-stitched leather pillows, lariat rope baskets, western metal light switch cover plates, wagon wheels, Western Fan or lamp pulls... Basically use your imagination and don’t forget the small stuff. You can have a truly unique western life styles room.

Start Today!

Visit our Western Life Style Home Décor store to find fun western theme items for your Western Theme Room.  Pick out a few accessory items to get you started and to put the first step into motion, the rest will all fall into place if you follow the steps to success outlined above.

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