How to Convert European and UK Sizes into US sizes.

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Shopping in Britain might have you wondering why you’ve suddenly ballooned up and don’t fit into your regular skirt size. Shopping in Europe might make things much worse—or much better. Worse because according to European sizes, you might suddenly consider yourself ultra obese. Better because after that initial shock, you’ll realize that there something different about the sizes, not about you.

To make your life easier, remember this. To figure out an American size from a UK size, subtract 2. So, for example, a size 8 skirt in the UK is a 6 in the US, and English size 12 pants are American size 10. To calculate an American size from a European label, subtract 30. For instance, a size 36 dress is an American 6, and a size 42 shirt is an American 12.

But do remember that size is not everything. Although you might normally wear a size 8 skirt, you might be pleasantly surprised when a 6 fits you perfectly. That’s because, as many shoppers know, different manufacturers size their clothing differently. And did you know that some companies do this on purpose? Yup, this way you’d feel thinner and would be more likely to buy that expensive silky dress or tailored jacket.

Such buys, especially with European labels, are often alluring. But consider this—stores in Paris and London may know that shoppers are willing to pay extra for the feeling of luxury and may price their merchandise accordingly. With Big City Outlet, you can have the feeling of luxury and still be left with some spending cash. Run a price check on our skirts, pants, and shirts, and you’ll see that thesame quality  clothes are right here and affordable.

Is buying in a department store just too ordinary? Want to find bargains with a click of a mouse? No need to know a foreign language; you can be a European shopping pro from the comfort of your home. Check out the labels and shop around our site before you buy. Unleash the savvy buyer inside yourself and rediscover what you’ve always known—you can get a great buy without spending big bucks (or Euros, for that matter).

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