How to Connect Your LED TV to Your Sound System

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How to Connect Your LED TV to Your Sound System
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How to Connect Your LED TV to Your Sound System

An LED TV provides a brilliant display with true-to-life graphics. That is why many choose an LED TV for a home theater room. In order to get the full theater experience, users may wish to connect the TV to speakers and a sound system. This can provide a cleaner and louder sound for a more immersive experience. Additionally, users can also watch movies and play games with surround sound. Before one can connect their LED TV to their sound system, they need to make sure that they have all of the necessary equipment. This guide describes the different types of audio cables and connections that are available for connecting an LED TV to an audio receiver. It includes advice on how to set up these connections, and how to find the right audio cables on eBay.

Equipment Needed to Connect an LED TV to a Sound System

In order to connect an LED TV to a sound system, the user needs to be sure that they have all of the necessary equipment. The television will not come with the materials needed to connect to a sound system nor will it come with a sound system (unless it was sold as part of a package deal). This means that buyers will have the opportunity to shop around for the equipment that they like or the equipment that best meets their needs. Aside from the LED TV, one needs the components for a sound system, which include the audio receiver and speakers, as well as the necessary cables and wires to connect the TV to the receiver.

Audio Receiver

The audio receiver or AV receiver is the main part of a sound system. In order to achieve surround sound or the best possible audio in a home theater, one needs to invest in an audio receiver. This device provides all of the inputs and outputs needed to connect all of the devices in the home theater system together. Everything, including the television, DVD or Blu-ray player, video game system, and more, will be connected to the receiver for easy control of the audio quality and volume levels.


In the past, surround sound meant having five speakers and one subwoofer.. Today, shoppers will find several different options for surround sound speakers for a home theater. The basic five speakers and one subwoofer is still common. This includes one center speaker, four corner speakers, and one subwoofer. This configuration is also known as 5.1 surround sound.. Shoppers can also find 6.1, 7.1, and even 5.2 (two subwoofers) surround sound. Before purchasing speakers, shoppers need to be sure that the audio receiver they have has the correct inputs/outputs to accommodate the speakers as well as provide enough amplification to send sound signals to all of the speakers.


Cables and wires are needed to connect the LED TV, the audio receiver, the different components, and the speakers together to create one system. Without cables, the components won’t be able to communicate with each other. Depending on the different devices that one has in the system, one can choose from several different cables to make the connections. The three types of cables used for connecting an LED to a sound system are listed in the table below.

Cable Type



Also known as composite cables,, they are the standard connection found on almost all LED TVs and audio receiver. Each has three connections on each end (red, yellow, and white) for standard audio and video,

Digital Coax

Also known as optical cables, these transmit digital audio signals between the LED TV and audio receiver. There is a separate cable needed for video.


High Definition Multimedia Interface cables combine digital audio and video connections in a single cable

Depending on the brand and type of LED that a person is trying to connect, it may have one type of audio port or it may feature ports for all of the above connections. RCA cables are the lowest quality cables available, and should only be used when there are no digital connections available. Digital provides better quality audio, so when possible, users should opt for an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable.

Steps for Connecting an LED TV to a Sound System

Connecting an LED TV to the audio receiver in a sound system is a pretty straightforward process. There are some steps that need to be followed to ensure that the connections are made properly. Before connecting the LED TV to the audio receiver, users may wish to connect the other components to the receiver and ensure that the speakers are connected and in working order. Additionally, the TV owner needs to make sure that the TV is mounted in place either on the wall or on a stand. For safety reasons, it is important that the installer is sure that the TV is secured in place before making the connections.

Checking the TV and Receiver Ports

A person should be sure to check both the LED TV and the receiver to see which ports are present before determining which connections to make, and which cables to buy. Input and output jacks are usually located on the side or the back of an LED TV and the back of an audio receiver. Input jacks are designed to receive the signals, and output jacks are designed to transmit the signals from the TV to the sound system. The receiver will likely have more input and output ports on the back of it than the TV does, but users should check to see which input ports are available. For the best audio experience, users should choose the highest quality digital connection available.

Connecting with RCA Cables

RCA cables are easy to connect because the jacks are usually clearly labeled on the backs of the devices, and the cables themselves are color coded. The red and white connectors are used for connecting audio to the left and right sides of the sound system. When trying to set up surround sound, it is important that the left and right sides are connected correctly. In some instances, true surround sound can’t be achieved using RCA cables. The yellow connector on the cable is used to carry video signals. This is not needed when connecting a TV to a receiver, but would be needed to connect a VCR or DVD player to a TV. Shoppers will find that RCA cables have red and white audio connections only.

Connecting with Digital Coax Cables

Digital coax cables are also known as optical cables, and they are used to transmit digital sound signals between the LED TV and the audio receiver. Rather than having two or three connectors on each end, there is just one. To locate the digital coax connections on the devices, users should look for inputs and outputs that are labeled with "Digital Audio (Optical)." Digital coax cables are a better choice than RCA cables, and most newer equipment has these connections.

Connecting with HDMI Cables

An HDMI cable is considered to be the best cable to use when connecting an LED TV to a sound system. This cable is able to carry high-definition signals and provide the best audio experience. This type of digital cable is able to carry the signals necessary to create a true surround sound experience, with multiple speakers connected to the sound system. Additionally, it is easy to connect, since it is just a single cable for both audio and video signals. Users who want to experience their LED TVs as they were intended with high-definition have to use HDMI cables.

Connecting Older Components to New Components

LED TVs are relatively new devices when compared to some AV receivers. While they may not be top of the line pieces of equipment, many older receivers are still in working condition and function properly. Since the technology in these receivers is older than that of LED TVs, the connections may not match up. Users can either replace the entire receiver with a new one, or they can purchase adapters so that the connections are compatible. Users need to examine the types of available ports on the back of the receiver to determine which type of adapter is necessary.

Shopping for Audio Cables

You can find all of the cables that you need at any electronics store, department store, or other box store. Since they are all standard cables, they are very easy to come by. Additionally, some LED TVs or audio receivers may come with the necessary cables to make the connections. If the cables are included, they are usually low quality RCA cables rather than the high quality digital cables. While these work for transmitting audio signals, you should replace them with optical or HDMI for better quality sound, assuming the devices can accommodate these connections. Lastly, you can shop for all of the necessary cables for connecting an LED TV to a sound system, on eBay..

Searching for Audio Cables on eBay

You’ll find all of the audio cables needed for connecting LED TVs to audio receivers in the Consumer Electronics category. From here navigate to TV , Audio , and SurveillanceTV, Video, and Audio Accessories, and Video Cables and Adapters to see all of the cables that are currently available. To narrow down the thousands of listings to show only those that are pertinent to you, select the type of cable, connector types, length, condition, or specify a price range. Additionally, you can use the basic search or Advanced Search features to search for them directly.


An LED TV allows viewers to watch their favorite movies and shows with a brightness, contrast, and clarity that is unlike other TVs. To make the viewing experience even better, some users may wish to connect their LED TVs to a sound system so that the audio quality matches the video quality. In order to connect an LED TV to a sound system, users will need to inspect their devices to determine which types of ports are available. For best results, users should select the port with the highest digital quality available. This will be in the form of HDMI or optical audio ports. Before any connections can be made, users need to make sure that they have all of the necessary equipment. Most cables and equipment will need to be purchased separately. No matter which cables or pieces of equipment are needed to put together the home theater system, people will find everything they need to meet their needs on eBay.

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