How to Clean & Organize Any Room Quickly

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How to Clean & Organize Any Room Quickly


     Ah, the science of cleaning. Everyone gets a little messy with a place every now and then; some more, some less. In the end, though, we all need to pick up the clutter and organize it away.  No? Then you'll eventually have to climb like you’re in the Rocky Mountains to find your way around the maze of mess.  I will show you a quick method to organize any room's heavy mix of junk, treasures, trash, and other items that have all piled up over the months.

     To begin, keep things simple with 5 different piles.
These five piles will be called:    Donate, Keep, Trash, Move, and Sell

Donate Pile:  These are things too valuable to toss, but too difficult to sell. You can't relocate them either.  Donate them! Be sure they are legal to donate.

Keep Pile: These are essential items for the room that have to stay.  Make sure you actually use or appreciate these every month or two. Else they might be taking up space.   If they've been idle and unappreciated for over a year, they might be better suited for storage elsewhere.

Trash Pile: This is the obvious trash that doesn't fit in the trashcan.

Move Pile: These are items you certainly need to keep but relocate elsewhere. Reassess and make sure you really do need them.  

Sell Pile: These are things you don't need, that you can certainly sell.  Check around on eBay or Craigslist for general pricing options.  Don't let them sit around too long either unless their quite valuable.  For instance, a huge $10 item might not be worth waiting on for half a year to sell.  

Your goal is to free up as much space as possible.  If the mess is huge, pace the process in daily segments of time to work. 

I hope this guide helps simplify the mess that takes away time from more important things!

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