How to Clean Fix Repair Unclog a Dry Clogged Print Head

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How to Clean, Fix, Repair, Unclog, Dry, Clogged Print Heads on  CANON EPSON HP ,  Lexmark, Dell, Olivetti etc...

Ever had an inkjet printer which had been left unused for a while and the inks DRIED UP?
Then you'll probably know how expensive it can be?  Especially if you had to throw away.
  1. Almost Full Inks?
  2. A Perfectly Good Print Head?
  3. Or Worse Your Favorite Printer!
But why trash them?  If your printer prints with WHITE LINES or not at all?  Did you know 98% just have dry ink clogging the tiny jets inside the print head which prevents the ink from appearing on the paper.  Must admit I feel sorry for all those kids whose parents have admitted that they wrongly blamed their children for using up, all of their expensive ink (which can cost almost 30 times the price of Champagne).  Truth is, inkjet ink is meant to dry rapidly on paper to prevent smudging, but if left unused it forms a skin just like a cup of coffee... Then you have the start of an inkjet clog!
Today's inkjet printers really are "Tiny Miracles" which everyone seems to take for granted.  As a Qualified Graphic Designer, I needed a Quality Printer for work so I bought my second inkjet printer 25 years ago in 1990. It was a second hand Canon CLC 10 (copier / scanner, which I still have!).  A snip then at just £2,500 (GB Pounds) as new ones cost almost $15,000 then.  Each ink (x4) cost an arm and a leg about £65.00 each (about $125) and only printed on special paper at $0.35 a sheet.

In those days desktop printing (in color) was convenient but very expensive!  So I began refilling my own inks which saved me about 90%!!! Friends found out and asked me to refill cartridges for them, but some had lain empty in draws gathering dust for years!  So I wasted quite a lot of time and ink.

Over a period of time I came up with a print head cleaning solution and a few home made simple tools to unclog almost anything. I soon realised testing them BEFORE REFILLING was the TRICK!  And saved lots of expensive ink!  After all there is no point refilling and then finding the cartridge would not print.  Eventually, we started to refill inkjets for computer shops and began successfully refilling almost all makes and model of inkjet. Our inkjet refills spread far and wide. Then technicians asked us if we could help to unclog Epson and Canon printers (with fixed print heads) because they had been using full sets of inks just trying to get them working often without success...  So we started to make copies of the tools and cleaner we were using and began selling them to shops.  People would say it worked like 'Magic' and so "Magic Inkjet Flush .com" (print head cleaning kits) began.

Today, a similar desktop scanner / printer can be bought for just the COST of ONE of those inkjet cartridges, although the ink is probably more expensive!  Back then each cartridge held about 64 mls of ink. Today some have just 10% of that.  And some people just use them for printing a rare school project, which means inks dry up in between.  Inkjet printers really need to be used at least once every week, which keeps the ink fresh inside the print head.  You should try to print something using black and the 3 primary colours (Cyan - Blue, Magenta - Red, and Yellow) That way the inks will actually last longer.

However it's fairly common now to have a wide format printer, like my new  Canon® imagePROGRAF iPF9100 which has 2 PF-03 print heads and  12,000 tiny ink jets / nozzles, and capable of printing 16 Million Colours, all in the space of a large postage stamp. So they really are amazing!  But if your inkjet printer has been left unused for weeks, months or years then it's the same old problem.  Once dried ink begins to clog those tiny ink jets, the ink quickly forms into a thick jelly and it's bye bye to printing.  Then people start to throw away almost full inks, good print heads, even printers then it can be expensive. 


When 15+ of those tiny jets become clogged all together. WHITE LINES will initially appear on your prints, then eventually blank pages.   Most people assuming they are out of ink... replace the inks and in the case of an inkjet cartridge, with a built in print head like: Lexmark, Dell and most HP. The problem is quickly resolved and you can print once again, although you are definitely out of pocket!

But in the case of an Epson or Canon printer, where the print head is built into the actual printer.  Simply replacing the inks rarely solves the problem and you can quickly use up 2 sets of new inks, just trying to use the cleaning programme.  But once you have tried that, most people wrongly think they have an electrical fault so it ends up in the trash.  But assuming your inkjet printer worked OK before a period of non use?  Usually you just need to use a little "Magic Inkjet Flush" to dissolve the ink clog and your printer will print, like NEW once again!
You see most inkjet printers, work like mini kettles (up to 3900 of them)  As each drop of ink travels from the ink reservoir (or sponge inside the cartridge) down into the print head it is heated up to form tiny bubbles.  Then at a rate of 24,000 DROPLETS PER SECOND they shoot at the paper from the print head nozzles which are tiny holes, positioned just a few mm above the paper. These then form your text or image on the paper.
Inkjet printers would not be so popular if the ink was not fast drying because it would smudge, so next time your "Tiny Miracle" refuses to print...  Why not just do what I and 1000s of other printer owners do, and simply use a little "Magic Inkjet Flush" to save yourself a $mall fortune on wasted ink! 

"MAGIC INKJET FLUSH" Print Head Cleaner has been tried and tested for more than 18 years. This easy to use 'Flush kit' gets your expensive ink, flowing again FAST and you can use it EVERY TIME it has been left unused.  In fact "Most customers get their money back! = The first time they need to use it."  It's how it got it's name "Magic" because Magic... UNCLOGS ALL DRIED INKJETS FAST!
In the unlikely event it turns out that you are one of the few unlucky ones... who actually does have an electrical fault... Then sorry but Magic Inkjet Flush, WILL NOT HELP!  But NO NEED TO LOOSE YOUR MONEY = Either keep it for the NEXT TIME or just return the kit (by registered mail) within 30 Days and get your Money Back! (Excl. Ship)
 Magic Inkjet Flush - Print Head Cleaner has now been sold in more than 135 countries WORLD WIDE and compatible to unclog...
 CANON, Epson, HP, Roland, Oki, Olivetti, Lexmark, Apple, Brother, Dell, Etc...

+FREE MAGIC INKJET FLUSH MANUAL (with lots of full colour photos)

You also get to download a +FREE MAGIC INKJET FLUSH MANUAL   (Copyright)  Although your printer may not be shown, you can easily use these simple cleaning methods to unclog almost any dried (Clogged) Inkjet Cartridge or Print head.  But just as a mechanic cannot fix cars with oil alone.  The Magic Cleaning Kit also comes with several UNIQUE TOOLS (patent pending) so you can do the job properly.  Probably why it's "eBays TOP Selling Print Head Cleaning Kit."
Apart from the Magic Inkjet Flush liquid.   This useful kit also includes a UNIQUE a "Magic Applicator" which is ideal for injecting the Magic directly into the print head to dilute the ink clog. (which is best used warm)  Then you just place a tissue over the print head, give it a quick shake sideways to dissolve the clog.  Next you squeeze the "Ink Priming Pump" and hold it underneath the print head to start the ink flowing and you are ready to print!

You can use this (Copyright) method on Canon, (whose print heads are easily removed) HP, Olivetti, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung etc... & ALL INKJET CARTRIDGES with a built in print head. (For Epson they have a different method because most cannot be removed but they can be unclogged just as easy.)

Moreover, the "Magic Applicator" and "Magic Inkjet Ink Priming Pump" (patent pending) both have a unique rubber tip incorporated so they will not damage your print head, but help to get your expensive ink flowing again FAST.  Depending on your printer you will also get a variety of other HAND MADE TOOLS:

EACH MAGIC KIT also includes a pack of 10x "Magic Pillows"
A novel idea, these "Magic Pillows" have been designed to sit under the print heads over night.  Once soaked in Magic they make sure that all of the tiny jets are totally unclogged, so if any white lines still appear on your prints just sit them onto a "Magic Pillow" and it will remove the clogged ink easily and the job is done.
Magic Inkjet Flush has been "TRIED and TESTED" on almost all makes and models of HP, Canon, Epson etc... for more than 18 years, so there is no need to be a guinea pig.  PLUS YOU GET the "KNOW HOW" & ALL THE TOOLS TO DO THE JOB PROPERLY which any one can do.
Magic unclogs ALL dried inkjets... so don't throw away good print heads until you have tried this. If you do recycle your own inkjets?  The "Ink Priming Pump" is very useful tool for priming your inks and removing trapped air, which also causes blanks on refilled inks.
But remember these TOOLS are UNIQUE and these methods are (Copyright) so you will never see them in any other sellers KIT.  Unlike some part timers... who sell KITS ?!! to make extra cash!  You will not just get a bottle, a syringe and a tatty blurred image, and you definitely won’t get instructions in Chinese.
Instead you will get a link to download a FREE "Magic Inkjet Flush Manual" Which has lots of FULL Color Photos so you are ready and know exactly what to do, for when your kit arrives. With MORE THAN 100 FULL COLOR photos showing REAL PRINTERS and lots of inkjets. It teaches you all the UNIQUE (copyright) TRICKS OF THE TRADE. You don't need to be a TECHY... to unclog them & no need to dismantle your printer!   Also should you have any difficulty... you also get FREE Email Tech. support from FULL TIME PROFESSIONALS to help if needed.  The fastest way to get help is Via eBAYs "Ask a Question."
Once you have downloaded the Magic Inkjet Flush MANUAL it shows:
  • How to use Magic Inkjet Flush on most types of inkjets
  • How to make your own Inkjet Cleaning Cartridges for Epson, Canon etc... (Plus you will get all the tools req. depending on your printer.)
You will quickly learn...
  • How to unclog print heads
  • How to tell if they still have ink, plus lots more!
So if your inkjet printer has just stopped printing after a few weeks or months of non use... Most will take just a few minutes to fix... Other fixed Print Heads like: Epson, Canon, Olivetti, HP, etc... may need to be soaked overnight.  But in most cases "Magic Inkjet Flush" will definitely save you a small fortune on unnecessary replacement of inks or print heads. "Most customers get their money back ! = The first time they need to use it.
"Here’s a tip... from their "MAGIC INKJET FLUSH MANUAL."
Get to know the weight of your empty inks = Every 1g over empty weight = 1ml of unused ink.
You can use Magic Inkjet Flush ON ANY BLACK OR COLOR INKJET.  PROVIDED YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ELECTRICAL FAULT? Magic Inkjet Flush unclogs any dried inkjet cartridge black or color... Or use it on any printer with a built in Print head. EG: ALL Canon, Epson, Roland, Oki etc...
  1. No need to dismantle your printer
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Safe to use
  4. No need to put your dog outside while you unclog your printer
  5. No gloves are required.  Although they do recommend to place your print head (where possible = eg HP, Canon) into a plastic bag to prevent ink spillage *Full instructions are given.
So this little kit will Save YOU a small fortune on inkjets!
GET YOUR MONEY BACK the first time you need it to use it!  It's why customers call it "Magic" because you would be amazed if you knew how many Printers & Print heads, not to mention the 1000s of inkjet cartridges (many almost FULL) which get thrown away EVERY DAY!  Just because... the tiny jets inside the print head are clogged up with dried ink.

Once clogged it stops your expensive ink from flowing, and initially shows as WHITE LINES or blank pages if totally blocked.  That's when most people especially schools who throw away 1000 of almost FULL INKS after school breaks just because they wrongly think they are out of ink.  Next time it happens to you try a little Magic instead. It's Magic on ANY INKJET.
  • A standard Magic Inkjet Flush Kit comes with 100mls of (ready to use) Magic Inkjet Flush = PRINT HEAD CLEANER.
  • Some kits also include a Bonus 30mls (Concentrate) = Extra strength
    • Ideal for clearing MORE DIFFICULT CLOGS like... Durabrite ink (Epson)
    • Or add it to 90mls of distilled water to make another 120mls.
    • Total makes a total of 220mls = 7.4oz of QUALITY PRINT HEAD CLEANER
    • Enough to unclog all of the printers in an average office.
 Basically, there are THREE (3) different Magic kits:
  • (Kit No1) = Suitable for ALL CANON Printers                                 CANON KIT    Click HERE
  • (Kit No2) = Suitable for ALL EPSON Printers                                 EPSON KIT    Click HERE
  • (Kit No3) = Suitable for ALL HP and ALL OTHER inkjet printers      HP & OTHER Printers  Click  HERE
  • JUMBO 500ml SIZE KIT (Makes 1/2 Gallon) +Free Ship +Free Tools for ANY INKJET PRINTER
  A Standard MAGIC INKJET FLUSH KIT costs $15.98+ Ship and includes:
  • 1 x 100 mls Magic Inkjet Flush (PRINT HEAD CLEANER) +Tools depending on your printer some also include.
  • 1 x   30 mls (*Concentrated) = Extra strength which is IDEAL for clearing DURABRITE INK (Epson) and MORE DIFFICULT CLOGS or add it to 90mls distilled water to make 120mls making a of Total 220mls  *Saves on shipping!
  • 1    x  Magic Applicator  (patent pending)
  • 10  x  Magic Pillows  (patent pending)
  • 1    x  Magic Inkjet Ink Priming Pump (Except Epson)

 ALL kits for Canon Printers include ALL the above:
  •  Plus 2x FREE Mini Uncloggers:  One for Black and one for the Colour Print head.
See them on YouTube.   Just look on You Tube for... TINTEIROS or search for...
  •  "Magic Inkjet Flush Mini Unclogger for Canon Black Print head."
  •  "Magic Mini Unclogger for Canon Colour Inks."
 Although ALL of the $15.98 Kits for Canon are identical.
  • Make sure it has "Canon" in eBays Title
  • Otherwise Specify your Printer MAKE on ordering if different.
  For more info on Kits for CANON :

 If you have an EPSON Printer?  Choose ANY of the Magic KITS with "EPSON" in the title.
  •  You get a Standard Kit as mentioned above:
  • A FREE *Dr.EpSUN Refill Tool (pat. pend.) which Refills Any Epson Ink.  Use it to REFILL or Make your own cleaning cartridges for Epson (WORTH almost $12) *Instead of the Magic Inkjet Ink Priming Pump (which is not req. for Epson.)
  •  3x *NEW* BLUE Magic Pillows (Pat. Pend.) which have been specially designed to help unclog Epson Printers even Faster.
Did you know that when Epson chips say "EMPTY" you can usually get 30%+ more ink out of them, simply by resetting the chips!
Download a Free chip resetter for Epson = with every order!
  For more info on Kits for  EPSON


  JUMBO 500ml SIZE KIT (Makes 1/2 Gallon)       See eBay Item No:   360177286328
 If you have lots of printers, a computer repair shop, school or college the large..
  •  JUMBO 500ml Magic (concentrate) = Makes 1/2 Gallon.
  •  Plus... They are currently INCLUDING ONE of EVERY TOOL THEY HAVE TO OFFER.
  To Order:   JUMBO MAGIC KIT   &  Get everything to unclog ANY INKJET PRINTER!   Click  HERE

  1.  Magic Inkjet Flush is ideal for dissolving dried ink in ANY... Inkjet Cartridge, Fax or Print head.
  2. Tried & Tested over 18 years
  3. As used by:
  • Printer repair specialists
  • Computer shops
  • Universities
  • Schools and Colleges throughout USA, Canada, Australia, Europe etc...

Magic Inkjet Flush Kits = Make GREAT PRESENTS !

 "MagicBrand"  Ebay "PowerSeller" and "Winner" of the eBay Power Seller Award.
  •  TOP SELLING print head cleaner so bid with confidence.

To Visit...  Dr-EpSUN-Magic-Inkjet-Flush-Store  Click  HERE
 Happy Printing!
 Copyright © 1996-2015  MagicInkjetFlush
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