How to Care for a Rag Quilt

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Proper care of your handcrafted rag quilt is important  as they are unique and irreplaceable.

 I suggest placing your rag quilt in the washer on a cold delicate cyle and drying it on a low heat cycle.

Rag Quilts continue to fray with each washing. I would recommend that after your rag quilt has went through the wash cycle to take it outside and shake it a few times before tossing it in the dryer. After your Rag Quilt is dry, take it outside and shake it as well, some owners use a lint brush to remove any excess lint and loose threads. You can even take a vacuum to the quilt to remove all the excess fraying. Always check the lint trap in your dryer as the quilts continue to fray with each washing and can leave a mess.

Rag Quilts are the latest trend in Quilting. I love making these fun and unique quilts. These quilts can be made for a variety of uses.

If you decide not to display your quilt or have to store it away please make sure that the quilt is dry. I have read never to store quilts in a plastic box or bag, you want a place where it will get good circulation and cool dry air. Wrapping a quilt in a cotton sheet will help protect from dust and let it breathe. Avoid extremes of temperature. Watch for bugs and mice. Avoid sunlight, it can break down fibers and cause your quilt to fade. Keep your quilt unfolded, if you have to fold them to store them, make sure that you take them out every couple of months, shake them and refold them a different way. It is preferred to roll a quilt. Keep your Quilt away from unfinished wood, as they can contain acids that will damage your quilts. If you store your quilts in a dresser, line the drawer with acid free paper.


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