How to Calculate Yardage for Roman Shades

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How to Calculate Yardage for Roman Shades

To determine the number of rows of shade tape needed, plan a row of tape at each edge, and approximately every ten inches in between.  Add five inches to the cutting length of shade, multiply by the number of rows needed and divide by 36 for the number of yards needed.

An example:  if  you have a window 50 inches wide by 50 inches tall, your calculation would be:  number of rows=6 (both edges plus 4 in the center).  Cutting length of shade: 50 inches plus 5 or 55.  55x6 = 330 inches.  Divided by 36,  it's 9-1/6 yards.

A good resource for instructions on how to make roman shades can be found at for how to sew roman shades.

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