How to Buy Used Solar Chargers

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How to Buy Used Solar Chargers
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How to Buy Used Solar Chargers

Buying used solar chargers is easier than one might think. Solar chargers are quite popular among urban environmentalists, campers, and other green living aficionados. Even the mainstream is starting to grow the market for solar chargers. Most solar chargers are highly portable and USB-compatible, making them perfect for topping up phone batteries. The good thing about a solar charger is that buyers can use it anywhere as long as there's sun, providing free power on the go whenever it is needed.

How Solar Chargers Work

USB-compatible solar chargers provide battery power via USB cable to tablets, phones, and laptops as well as any other electronic device. Solar chargers consist of a solar panel, a battery, a cable, and tip to connect the battery to a chosen device. The solar panel transforms the energy of the sun into electricity, which is stored in the battery. When a portable electronic device is plugged into the battery, it transmits electricity, providing a charge.

There are many different types of solar chargers. Some are pocket-sized and highly portable while others consist of fold-out mats to get a faster, more effective charge. Different solar chargers will be effective for different purposes. For instance, a pocket-size charger is good for carrying around while a mat-size solar charger is better for maximizing solar efficiency while camping.

One type of used solar charger is a backpack solar charger. Backpack solar chargers consist of a standard backpack with solar panels sewn into the fabric. The backpack has several pockets for personal belongings, but it also charges a battery while the wearer is out and about. That battery may be used to charge a phone or mobile computing device. Solar backpacks are generally designed for rugged, outdoor use and may function well even in rain and wind or in extreme heat or cold. For all solar chargers, buyers will generally achieve the maximum charging efficiency on mild, sunny days.

Used Solar Chargers Help Consumers Go Green

Solar chargers offer a source to power phones, laptops, and tablets without using fossil fuels. They are a sensible way to save money on electrical bills and reduce buyers' carbon footprints. While most solar chargers are used for low-energy devices, every little bit can help the environment. Additionally, consumers who buy used are recycling and not adding to their product's environmental impact.

USB Connectivity

Nearly all used solar chargers are compatible with USB connections. However, different devices have different USB ports. For instance, while laptops use standard rectangular USB connectors, most smartphones use the mini-USB connector. Apple phones and other devices use their own connectors. Depending on the charger itself, existing USB connections to phones and other devices may plug directly into it. It is recommended to contact the seller of a used solar charger and make sure that it can be used with a particular phone, tablet, or other portable electronic device.

USB solar chargers can charge phones both indoors and outdoors. The battery holds a decent-sized charge, especially if it is being used for a phone. Laptops tend to drain a bit more power. The length of time depends heavily on the device being charged as well as its particular processes; that is, a phone using a power-heavy program or process will lose charge a lot more quickly than one only being used for phone calls or text messages.

Buyers may leave their solar panels out during the day, and then use the charge to power phones and laptops at night, essentially reducing home utility bills.

Finding Used Solar Chargers on eBay

eBay is a great place to find used solar chargers. To do so, simply type in the query in the upper search bar. "Used solar charger" is a good place to start, though by adding words or removing them, buyers can narrow or broaden their search, respectively. Once queried, buyers can also narrow listings by size, power, price, and used/new status on the left sidebar.

Another way to find used solar chargers on eBay is via category search. Mostsolar chargers may be found under the Electronics major category. Within this category, depending on whether a solar charger is rated for phones or computers, buyers can click through to the Computers & Tablets heading or the Cell Phones & Accessories heading and narrow the search using the left sidebar.


Buyers may find Authorized Sellers on eBay for greater reliability and customer support. The Buyer Protection Policy also helps buyers rest easy knowing that their purchase will be protected. Used sellers often provide great deals, but it is important to do due diligence and communicate any questions with sellers before making a purchase.

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