How to Buy Model Trains online

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Buying model trains items online can be fun and exciting.  It also can be very frustrating if you do not know for sure what you are looking at.  Although there will be some risk in buying online even if you know what the product is your looking at, this may give you some pointers as to help you save on some frustrating purchases. 

For starters,  Get a good knowledge of what model trains item you are wanting to purchase.  You can do this by looking at manufacturers web sites, visiting a hobby shop, or asking someone about the product if they have it or have experiance with it.  Model trains are fun and can give you a  lifetime of happiness.  If you purchase something online that is not what it is suppose to be or not up to the standards described in the description, it can turn this fun hobby into a nightmare.

Second, Qualified sellers will offer more than just the product i.e. Service, information on the product beyond the description, and so on.  I would be ware of the sellers who just say here the product is and here is the price.  You could be heading straight for a derailment.  Good sellers of model trains items will offer as much information as they possibly can.  They will also offer contact information and invite you to contact them for any questions.  one last note on this, most reputable sellers of model train equipment will be listed somewhere on a manufacturers web site or in there dealer database.  In the world of model train's, you have to be an established business to be able to sell products of most manufacturers.  The manufacturers do this to keep people from buying products for their self.  So if you want to know about the seller, ask them if they are listed with any manufacturers and go and look them up.

Third, Custom painted, detailed, weathered, or installed is a good thing but it can have it's bad side.  If you are looking at a products that says any of the custom's that I list before, contact the seller for more pictures on the item than what they may already provide.  If a seller is willing to send you more pictures or even take more for you, then you can be assured that they are happy with the product and chances are you will be too.  Custom installed is a good thing.  you know that the product is not just a run of the mill item.  It has some time and craftmanship put into it.  But it can also lead to disaster. Ask the seller what is custom about the product and if they are willing to take pictures (if possible) of the custom work.  Sometimes custom work is done on the inside of the locomotive, railcar, building or such.  In this case, the seller may not be able to get a picture for you.  in that case, askk for a description of the work and a list of parts that were used.  this will let you know if the item was customized in a proper fashion or over night.

The biggest things with buying model train items online are listed above.  There is always a chance that the seller could be following all that is suggested above and still foall through.  But by following the above you will eliminate most of the sellers who, we should say, not really know what they are selling and will help you gett he product you want.

Here is a tip for you to find model railroad items & all other items on Ebay.  If your looking for that special kit or locomotive or such......Try mispelling the item.  Like all of us we make mistakes. Some people type something wrong and don't realize it.  This is an advantage in a few ways. Many people may not be looking at it or bidding on it so you will have a better chance at getting the item & at more of a price you want to pay. So try to miss spell the item a few different ways when searching!!!

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