How to Buy Electronics & more @ 95% off RRP to resell

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How to Buy Electronics & more @ 95% off RRP to resell
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Have you ever wondered where so many ebay sellers are getting their expensive electronics and many other expensive items (just about anything you can imagine) that they are able to sell them for so much less than retail cost and still make a fortune?

Well, as a matter of fact there are different places these sellers are buying these items.

Number 1: Asian Wholesale Sources where they are able to buy items many times at 90% off retail cost. The contact informations for these sources are not known by many people and many powersellers want to keep it that way so they maintain low competition!!! At the prices you can get items for though, you will blow most of your competition's prices out of the water!!! And the demand for these types of products is so high, even if 100's more people began selling these items on ebay, there still would be more than enough buyer's ready and waiting to bid on these items so they can save big $$$$ off of retail prices!!! With these sources you are able to buy low and sell high to make maximum profits, instead of doing it the other way around like many seller's are making the mistake of doing....many people who don't know these sources are instead finding the items for barely under retail so they have to purchase high and sell low just to make a minimal profit (if any at all) off of each item. Now obviously, that is not the wise way to go. It makes much better sense to buy the items at lower than regular WHOLESALE cost and then mark them up high, but still lower than retail so you are competitive and that right there my friends is a winning marketing strategy!!!

These sources are the best to use if you have a good chunk of change available to purchase a bulk order of electronics or whatever else you want to sell (possibilities are limitless here!!!) So you do need to have a startup nest egg to some extent. With these highly sought after wholesale sources, the larger quantity of one item you buy, the lower your cost will be. Still, there order quantity minimums are very reasonable.....


Number 2: Dropship Sources.....These are the sources to use when you really don't have much money or any at all to startup your business. A dropshipper is someone who has a large warehouse full of products that you can (usually) purchase one at a time and they will ship your customers items to them. The way this works is, you sign up for a dropshipper account with the dropship company of your choice (in many cases signup is free, but in some cases there is a minimal fee to signup, but even then usually there is a free trial period) After you sign up for your account, you choose which items you would like to sell on your website, in online auctions like eBay, in catalogs or basically however you feel you can best market the items. After your customer purchases an item from you and makes their payment, you then go to the dropship website and order the item, input the shipping information to send to your customer, and then THEY send the item straight to your customer, but with no mention of their company and no invoice from their warehouse, so that way your customer has no idea that the item isn't coming straight from you!! This is a great way to go when you don't have any startup profits because this way you don't spend anything up front and items are only purchased by you to send to your customer after you have already been paid!! So all you have to do in order to effectively market this stuff is to make sure that when you list your item or sell your item, you be sure that the cost you are charging covers the cost you pay the dropshipper for the item, the shipping and handling costs, any listing fees and or transaction fees for payments made by credit/debit cards and of course a little bit (or a lot) extra for yourself. Of course always keeping in mind that you want your price to be competitive with other sellers!!! One thing to keep in mind here is that you have two ways you can go with it.

You can sell your items for a higher price so that when you do sell an item you make a whole bunch of money. This way is really not the best way to go as you will not make as many sales so even though you make a lot when you sell an item, you may not make many sales (or none at all)

The other way to go here is to list your item at a lower price. You still of course make sure all of your costs are covered and then some extra for yourself, but remember, the more competitive your prices are the MORE items you will sell!!!

Here is a prime example for you:

Seller "A" purchases an Mp3 player and his total cost with all the fees, S&H and everything is $40.00 Now, the regular retail cost for this item is $100.00 (let's say for instance) Seller "A" lists his item with a starting bid of $75.00 and a buy it now price of $95.00 Therefore he is selling his item for barely below retail cost. Because of this he makes only a couple of sales a month. Lets say he lists lots of items so he sells 5 of these per month. Now with the markup he sells his items for, you may think that's a great way to go because he is making anywhere from $35-$55 extra per item he sells. Lets say on average for those 5 sales he is making $45 extra. So therefore in one month he has made $225 profit off of those 5 listings. This however does not take into consideration the fact that he is listing a total of 40 auctions per month for this one item. Those auctions with insertion fees and gallery fees, buy it now fees, reserve fees, etc...are costing him about $1 each (if not more) so that eats into his profits, now he has only made $185 profit for the month.


Seller "B" purchases the same Mp3 player and his total cost with all fees, S&H and everything is also $40.00 The retail cost is of course the same, $100 (just for instance of course) However, seller "B" lists his item with a starting bid of $45.00 and a buy it now cost of only $70.00 At this rate however, he is getting a ton of bids because the starting bid is less than half of the regular retail cost. Because of that, the bidders get into a bidding war and wind up bidding his item up to almost retail cost (or more because that's what can happen with bidding wars) This sellers prices are so great that he lists one auction per day and every day his auction sells. Then he lists another one and does this day in and day out all month long. For each auction, this seller is making great profits because the item never (or hardly ever) winds up selling for less than $75 anyhow and usually sells for around $100. Lets say that's an average of $85 for each sale times 30 sales per month. His profit for each sale works out to an average of $45 per sale. Multiply that amount by 30 (approximate amount of days in a month with one auction per day being sold) And you have a grand total amount of profits being $1350.00 per month!!!!! This is accounting for all fees and costs and that is what he has made in pure profits alone!!

As you can surely see, even though seller "B" is listing his items with a much lower starting bid than seller "A" he is making WAY MORE PROFITS!!!!

And that is just one of many items that he may be selling!!!!

Another tip right there you should have picked up on is that it is better to only have one auction at a time going for each seperate product. If you have more than one then the bidders will just bid on all of the seperate items and then no bidding war can happen ;)

That right there my friends is the stuff that POWERSELLERS ARE MADE OF!!!!!

Okay, now on to Number 3: Government Auctions. This includes police and bailiff auctions, postal service auctions, and many more (any branch of governement you can think of) These auctions are the PRIMO #1 source for getting amazing and expensive items (everything from electronics, household items, jewelry, designer items all the way up to cars, motorcycles, boats and other watercrafts to even HOUSES!!!) All of these items can be bought for literally pennies on the retail dollar value!!!! Can you imagine going to one of these auctions and bidding only $5 and winning an item that costs $100 retail? Imagine the profits you can make when you resell that item!!!!! Now, do that same thing over and over and over again day in and day out, week in/week out, month in/month out, year in/year out and you've got yourself a new income generator that will enable you to quit working for other people and go into business for yourself making more than you could have ever dreamed of making by working for someone else!! Do you think that's not possible to buy $100 item for only $5 at one of these auctions? Or better yet, a $1000 item for $ about a $10,000 item for only $500?!!! I dare you to try it for yourself then!!! YOU WILL BE ASTOUNDED AND HAPPILY AMAZED BY WHAT YOU FIND!!!! There are a select group of people who do this all the time and make money, get gifts for their loved ones at pennies on the dollar, or items for themself at next to nothing!!!! YOU WILL LOVE THIS IF YOU TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!!! But don't take my word for it, just get this information and do it!! You will see and then you will never look at an auction the same way again!!


Just ask me where to find this information if you are ready to change your life for the better today!!!!

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