How to Buy BULK LEGO (R) on Ebay

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Buying LEGO brand bricks on Ebay can be tricky.  You never know how much you should be paying, what brand of building block you are going to get, the condition of the pieces, and how many pieces you will really receive.  So we decided to indulge our passion for the little bricks and blocks by helping to ensure you get what you want when you buy bulk LEGO on ebay. 

Why Buy LEGO on Ebay?

Let's start out by explaining why you would buy Bulk LEGO on Ebay, instead of just buying a new set from the toy-store or Walmart.  Generally, pre-owned Legos by the pound are cheaper than by the set new from LEGO, especially if you are a bulk model builder creating works of art that would be best off showcased in the outdoor park at Legoland.  You might pick up someone's lifelong collection of 3,000 to 10,000 pieces of LEGO, for a sixth of what you would have to pay to buy new.  And think of all the individual sets that went into those thousands of pieces.  What a dream come true to fulfill your child's dreams and your adult hobbies as well.

What to look for when buying:

  • Seller feedback greater than 99%.  If their feedback is worse than 99%, and you really want what they're selling, at least look at their negatives and see if its an issue you might expect to encounter.  As you buy more over time, you will realize there is no such thing as a one-time opportunity- good lots of LEGO pop up again and again on Ebay.
  • Statement in listing that legos are 100% LEGO brand and any non-Legos were removed, as well as some care taken for broken and dirty pieces.  This shows the seller is knowledgeable about what they are selling and working to please you, the customer.
  • If not removed an estimate of the amount of non-LEGO included so you can adjust your bid accordingly.  Why pay for non-LEGO brand bricks if you don't want them?
  • Discussion of how they were counted or weighed, and that the weight excludes the box.  Nothing worse as a buyer than getting the 500 LEGO pieces you ordered, finding out when you received it that the seller "guesstimated" and their quoted weight, which you paid for, includes heavy plastic containers.
  • Evidence of LEGO brand sets either listed as set numbers or shown as set instructions.  There are various database driven sites on the internet that allow you to price out LEGO sets based on their Set Number.  Google the set number with the word LEGO and you will quickly find these sites.
  • Large pictures showing the legos spread out or filling a box so you can tell what you are getting.  Bright pictures help too, with lots of closeups.  Its possible to bid on a
  • Colors to look out for - olive army green, bright pink, instructions that are non-lego brand, pre-assembled Nascar pieces or tan military tanks, raised green and brown irregular-shaped baseplates.  These are clear tip-offs to off brand pieces- as you look at many listings and buy a few, you will become adept at recognizing the color bricks that show up that you can avoid.
  • If you can't tell the answers to any of these questions by looking at the listing- email the seller through Ebay's Ask Seller a Question link.  This is a valuable way of getting more information when you are just not sure, and can prevent you from making costly mistakes when buying.  Emailing the seller also gives you a clue how responsive they and whether they have a customer service focus. 

 Here's to your future success buying LEGO on Ebay- its a lot of fun!  And be sure to check out Bricksale, we're friendly, and reply to every email.

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