How many Btu’s do I need to heat my home?

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Q. How many Btu’s do I need to heat my home?
A.  Simply multiply the appropriate factor below in the chart and by your zone from the map by your home's total heated square footage to arrive at your required heating output.
For example, if you live in the yellow zone, your home is well insulated, and you have 2000 heated square feet:
Zone 3= 40 Btu’s per square foot (from the chart below)
Home square footage= 2000 square feet (your calculated total)
Now it is time to do a little math. 
2000 square feet
X 40 Btu’ s per square foot
80,000 Btus (actual Btu’s needed)

Heating Square Footage Range by Climate Zone
Red       ZONE 1  30 - 35 Btu's per square foot
Orange  ZONE 2  35 - 40 Btu's per square foot
Yellow  ZONE 3  40 - 45 Btu's per square foot
Green   ZONE 4  45 - 50 Btu's per square foot
Blue      ZONE 5  50 – 55btu's per square foot

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